So this is McCrory's plan to save NC?

At the Oriental Shrine Club in Greensboro last week McCrory told the audience:

“We will create jobs as a government by getting into the energy-exploration business, both offshore and underground.”

The former Duke Energy executive made no mention of alternative energy sources. Nor did he mention the controversial natural gas extraction method known as fracking.

The Jamestown News

The Who's 1971 anthem, “We Won't Get Fooled Again” punctuated his address with the reference at least a dozen times.

So Patty cakes, you want taxpayers to sponsor their own environmental demise? Bet that makes baby-Daddy Duke proud.

Governor drill-baby-drill cheerleader? You're damned right we won't be fooled.


my eyes play tricks on me

I keep reading the quote about energy-exploration as energy-exploitation which is more like the real intent.

Progressives are the true conservatives.


I thought McCrory's plan to save NC was to fix the DMV, so he won't have to stand in line anymore.

Oh, great

let's provide jobs that damage the environment as well as put workers in grave danger. Sounds like a great plan to me!

the "workers" would not even be North Carolinians

One of the things we learned at the Fracking summit is that these multinational companies who own the rigs import people from Texas to work them.

Progressives are the true conservatives.