Sobering facts about the Great NCGOP Tax Increase of 2014

NC Policy Watch boils it down today, laying out the cold, hard numbers about the tax hike coming your way this year. It's a trail of tears, with 80% of North Carolina households seeing their taxes increase. Don't fall for the lies and deception of the GOP happy-talkers, just look at the facts. You've been screwed.


The worst of it all

Many of those numbers that are presented can and probably will be questioned. But, the worst thing of it all and what can not be questioned is this part of your message here: "number of days since sales tax was applied to movie tickets, college and professional sporting events, concerts, plays and museums, newspapers, college meal plans and car repairs, all part of the 2013 tax plan passed by the General Assembly".

That is going to felt by mostly people in North Carolina that can not afford it. And, a great many of those people are going to be those that are not part of the "rich and famous" among us so need not be taxed on these things. This is the wrong direction. I can not believe that we have gone down this road.