Some Dems fret, GOP gloats over divided NC Party after SEC vote

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Tonight's story: Democratic leaders fret (and the GOP gloats) over the defiance of #ncdem chair David Parker:

Supporters said Parker was the victim of a conspiracy by elected officials. Some say the conspiracy had to do with [how] party funding is divided. Others said Parker was scapegoated because the same-sex harassment came to light just three weeks before a ballot initiative to ban same-sex unions...

I have been following the controversy on this blog, and I have not wanted to jump in. No one would with the level of animosity that has prevailed over productive discussion. To give an opinion has been to invite attack.

I agree with James that it is counterproductive--as well as mean spirited--to continue the name calling and spewing of venom against fellow Democrats and fellow Progressives.

This is just my personal plea to bring some rational and moderate discussion to this blog. For a change.


Wise words

May they be heeded.