Sorry, Chimerix can't help you

Well, actually, Chimerix could help Josh Hardy. In fact, there's a good chance they could save his life.

But there's money to be made, dammit!

In a cabinet in Durham, North Carolina, there's a drug that could likely help Josh Hardy, but the drug company won't give it to him. They're adamant that spending the time to help Josh and others like him will slow down their efforts to get this drug on the market.

A kid is dying. A drug company president refuses to help.

"He holds our son's life in his hands," Todd Hardy said. "This is just beyond belief to me."



Consider This

This issue may not be as simple as it seems. Check out this paper that explore the issue in depth. There are real ethical issues here that go beyond any one person.

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Opens a pdf that seems pertinent.

Early Access Programs: Points to Consider
BIO Board Standing Committee on Bioethics
April 16, 2010

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The negative PR storm was too much

Chimerix has found compassion

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