State Auditor confused by DHHS actions

Beth Wood warned Wos that NC Tracks was not ready for prime time:

In a letter to senior lawmakers, Wood raises three issues with the testimony of DHHS officials, including Secretary Aldona Wos, offered to the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Tuesday. In it, Wood suggests that Wos and her chief information officer, Joe Cooper, ignored findings of a May audit that found the state wasn't ready to go live with the NCTracks system.

A second point raised by the auditor pointed out that the system had not met critical benchmarks before the go-live date. This contradicts testimony from Cooper, who told lawmakers that the system had passed its tests.

It's plain that much of the testimony given to lawmakers the other day was at best misleading, if not outright lies. The longer Republicans in the General Assembly allow this fiasco to continue, the more likely they'll pay for it next November.


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Let's hope the kiddies in the NCGA keep using the same play book. Giv'em plenty of rope, they'll hang themselves.


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