Still a swing state

This is something I posted to Rob Christensen's story "Romney puts North Carolina back in the red column."

North Carolina is still a swing state. Anytime the spread is 2 percentage points, that means the state is competitive. In a way, North Carolina could be said to be "more blue" than it was in 2008 -- relative to the national result. In 2008, Obama carried the country by 7 points but won North Carolina by less than 1/3 of a percent (.31%). Our state was 7 points below the national mean in 2008. This year with Obama's 3-point lead nationally and 2-point deficit in North Carolina, our state is 5 points below the national mean. So, we're 2 points closer to the national mean this year than four years ago.



Except for one little problem

Swing state status doesn't seem especially meaningful in light of what happened in Raleigh.