Student walkout planned at UNC-Greensboro

Students at UNC-Greensboro are planning a walk-out protest tomorrow:

Just take another pay cut? A course cut? A higher teaching load? Academic program cancelled? Wondering why UNCG continues the plans to build a $91 million Rec Center when we have to "give back" $8 million because we fell so far short of our enrollment target? Raking thousands and thousands of dollars in student debt to pay for an increasingly watered down education? Worried your degree won't be worth the paper it's printed on by the time you graduate?

Enough is enough. We cannot take it anymore.

Join us on the EUC lawn at 1pm on February 19th for a student and faculty walk out and rally. Our demands are simple: Expand education, not administration. Cut our debt, not our budget!

Facebook page for the protest here.


Coverage of the walk out

I just saw this bit of coverage of the walk out in the News & Record: