The stuff of deathbed drama

Lost in the midst of today's tempest in the John Locke Foundation teacup is a big question that has gone unanswered: Why aren't John Hood and his minions pulling out the stops to defeat Amendment One?

It's easy enough to evoke righteous indignation about something as offensive as the despicable Meck Deck post, but what about the underlying issue? In his criticism of Amendment One, President Obama took a stand that every freedom-loving American - and certainly any Libertarian - should take as a matter of principle. Amendment One is not only bad law and bad public policy, it also cuts to the heart of a cherished document that is supposed to protect individual liberties, not take them away.

The so-called Libertarians at the John Locke Foundation should be singing Mr. Obama's praises.

More to the point, why isn't John Hood using the power of his pulpit to spread the word that Amendment One should be defeated? He has unfettered access to the editorial pages of newspapers all across the state. Why isn't he using that access to encourage people to vote AGAINST Amendment One? I suspect that only two people have an answer to this question: Art Pope, and John Hood himself. And neither of them is lifting a finger to fight the wrong being perpetrated on North Carolina families.

Just to say it John, this is the stuff of deathbed drama. One of these days you'll be there. One of these days you may have to tell a gay grand child that you did nothing to stop your Republican allies from trampling over her right to create her own loving family.


John Locke Foundation and Amendment One: 2004 edition

The last constroversial constitutional amendment in NC was 2004's Amendment One -- Tax Increment Financing.

And the free marketeers/libertarians were all up in arms about it.

In fact, they wrote prolifically about it.

Just Google "John Locke Foundation" and Amendment One and 2004.

Look at all the stories that come up. A freakin' series on their own website.

Fast Foward to 2012's Amendment One and the relative -- if not absolute -- silence from the supposed libertarians at JLF is deafening.

Google ""John Locke Foundation" and Amendment One and 2012. The top stories are from today's forced response to their bigoted blogger.

Hypocrites of the highest order.


While the John Lockers sit silent, real libertarians in NH act

The New Hampshire House -- controlled by Republicans -- killed a bill to repeal gay marriage in their state yesterday.

The vote was overwhelming.

The Libertarian-leaning caucus beat back the theocrat caucus.

Representative David Bates, a Republican who sponsored the repeal bill, had struggled to build support for it among his colleagues, even though William O’Brien, the House speaker, was strongly in favor. But Mr. Bates said after the vote that he had not expected such a resounding defeat. “It really became sort of a circus,” he said. “The majority of the opposition there was essentially people who are very libertarian-minded.

Emphasis mine.

Speak up, Locke Foundation folks. The real Libertarian Party in NC and the Live Free or Die folks in New Hampshire are showing you what acting on your principles really means.


What Tara Servatius said

I just read Tara Servatius' now-infamous blog post. She grabs a strange frame, to be sure. She acts like President Obama is the one creating the gay marriage issue when REPUBLICANS put the issue up as a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Even with the racist homophobic image removed, her blog post makes no sense whatsoever.