Sunday thinking

From a comment found on Facebook, responding to McCrory's insistence that North Carolina government should be replaced by a smartphone:

Except that an important role of government is to undertake exactly those tasks that fail to lend themselves to efficiency (like national defense), or to those tasks, that if done in the most efficient way are not fair to all citizens (like environmental or financial regulation). Unless, maybe McCrory's point was that government should be done badly whenever possible, so everyone will agree to eliminating it.

It's easy to lose sight of first principles like these when fundamental rights are being stripped away each and every day. Caught between such rocks and hard places, many people simply give up, assuming that the system is so corrupt and rigged that nothing can really be done. That's why we need to start a new conversation about the proper role of government in our state. As we think through all the many considerations, I am absolutely confident of one thing: The proper role of government is NOT to arrest citizens for protesting the illegitimate and unconstitutional actions of the North Carolina General Assembly.


More Sunday Thinking ... from Thomas Mills

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That's weird

As soon as I posted that comment, I saw yours, as well. That's not the first time we've done that. Are you telepathic or something? I'm pretty sure it's not me. There'd be a lot more people drinking coffee at 4:30 in the afternoon if I was. Were. Whatever.


So ... McCrory thinks that state government should be like a smartphone? An ongoing service that consumers pay too much for that's designed to be disposable, is poisoning the environment, and is manufactured in China in conditions only a slight step above slave labor?

Or is McCrory only thinking about the pretty buttons on the touchscreen and how his smartphone gives him directions to the closest bubbaque joint to smile and shake hands with constituents he's duping with this nonsense?