No Mention of Cooper for Senate?

In a recent story, Rob Christensen profiles Roy Cooper, why he declined to run for Governor in 08, and what the future might hold. The surpise? Not one mention of Burr '10.

The whole story is here (it is short). Clips after the break.

Race for Governor Just Got a bit Thinner

Roy Cooper sent letters to friends and supporters letting them know he would be running for re-election in 2008 and would not pursue the Governor's office.

There is no reason given. The Charlotte Observer has the story.

Anybody else hearing anything about this? Parts of the story were odd, especially the speculation about which candidate would benefit with Cooper out. Apparently, North Carolinians can't tell the difference between two white men with different names. Last I checked we didn't have photo ballots.


Conner's Letter to the Governor

Jerry Conner has responded to the Governor's letter setting a time for Mr. Conner's clemency hearing.

"Mr. Conner will not petition for clemency, nor will we appear on his behalf at a clemency hearing until a DNA test is conducted and the results are returned. We trust that as Governor you share our interest in ensuring access to all available information in order to make a fair and informed decision about clemency."

Charlotte Business Calls It Right

When right-wing power companies accuse progressive candidates of political posturing, you have to scratch your head. I guess that's why Freud came up with the idea of projection . . . seeing in others the thing you refuse to see in yourself. In any case, the saga of Roy Cooper taking Tennessee to the woodshed over its polluting ways continues, this time with the Charlotte Business Journal weighing in on the side of the common good for a change. It's a pretty good story, that gets to the crux of the issue.

Cooper Kicks Last of the Payday Lenders to the Curb

One area where North Carolina has been a progressive leader is in stopping predatory lending. One of the blemishes in the State's record has been their inability to get rid of a number of payday lenders who have been claiming to be exempt of the 2001 law banning their practices. This story chronicles the settlement that the lenders entered into with Attorney General Roy Cooper to stop their practices:

The three payday lending chains still operating in North Carolina have signed agreements with state regulators to stop making loans by March 11, N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper announced Wednesday.


Governor Watch '08: Cooper Gets Tough on Sudafed offers news of AG Cooper's plan to limit methamphetamine production by moving Sudafed (and all other pills containing pseudoephedrine and ephedrine) behind pharmacy counters. Sucks for me: I get sinus headaches and enjoy being able to find pseudoephedrine at any gas station; also, where will I get my meth ingredients? ( <== Joke ) We'll see how the idea plays with the rest of the state, but I'm underwhelmed. Now increasing the minimum wage, on the other hand.... Moore: 1; Cooper: eh.

Black Backs the Bad Guys

Jim Black (D),leader of the NC House, apparently finds it near impossible to stay out of trouble. While Atty. General Roy Cooper (D) was trying to shut down "payday lenders", Black and another NC House Democrat were taking more than $10,000 each from the lenders.

In case you didn't know, a payday lender is the same as a check-cashing service is the same as a legal loanshark. You bring them proof that you've got a job, and they'll give you a 30-day loan to cover you until your next paycheck. The problem is the interest rate. If you annualize the interest you pay on the short-term loan, the rates are outrageous -- I've heard 200% to 400%. Paying this kind of interest while pre-spending your next paycheck is a quick way into bankruptcy for many. Meanwhile, many banks and credit unions quietly offer the same service at much more reasonable rates. "Payday" = predatory.

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