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Open thread: one more week

Tuesday Twitter roundup

No disaster should be left behind in political machinations:

joshtpm 10:38am via Twitter for iPad Is any reporter silly enough not to just say that Romney is continuing to campaign? 'Storm relief events' in Ohio w/ camp vids? Really?

Which reminds me of something funny I saw a few days ago:

Two-Faced Tillis is at it again

Talking one way and acting another:

"When I think about regulatory reform I think about the way the state regulates K-12 education, the way it regulates the counties, the way it regulates the towns, the way it regulates the community colleges, the way it regulates the university system-all are things we need to rethink and decide whether or not we're doing them as efficiently and effectively as possible.

As far as placing a regulatory burden on towns and counties, here's a doozie from the party of "less regulation":

Progressives: now is time to seize on political progress (as messy as it can be) and build a larger coalition

After President Obama's declaration of support for marriage equality for gay couples, we should pick up on this political progress and RUN with it. Don't let our disappointments hold us back, and don't let the election on Tuesday splinter our potentially larger coalitions--which would benefit all our causes including gay rights.

Grassroots Farm Team endorses D. Cole Phelps

The Grassroots Farm Team is thrilled to announce our final endorsement before the May 8th primary, D. Cole Phelps for Washington County Commissioners. Many of you know Cole, who is a vice-chair in the 1st Congressional District Democratic Party and is finishing up law school at NC Central University. He's jumped into this campaign headfirst and his small army of volunteers have already knocked on every door in the district - and are going to do it again before the primary!

We're excited to see Cole bring his experiences and perspective back to Washington County to address some of the serious challenges the county faces.

Grassroots Farm Team Announces First Endorsements of 2012

The Grassroots Farm Team is trilled to announce our first endorsements of the 2012 election season. Drew Reisinger and Bill Luton are both impressive young leaders who have used their offices to better their community and foster a more open and transparent government. We strongly endorse both Luton and Reisinger and are confident they will be leaders in NC for years to come.

Why Sen. Snowe of Maine bowed out

QUOTE OF THE DAY from the Washington Post:

Olympia Snowe, a Republican senator from Maine, explaining why she decided to not seek another term:

"Simply put, the Senate is not living up to what the Founding Fathers envisioned."

What follows is a thoughtful and provocative explanation of the failure of bi-partsian politcis in the US Senate.

13 Seats in Congress, 70 Candidates on the Ballot

13 Congressional Seats
24 Democratic candidates
43 Republican candidates
3 Libertarian candidates

The list of candidates for Congress from NC is now final, with D and R candidates in every race.

- David Price (D-NC-4), Virginia Foxx (R-NC-5), and Mike McIntire (D-NC-7) are the only incumbents without primary challengers.

- There are 11 Republican candidates for the NC-9 seat that Sue Myrick is walking away from. It ought to be fun seeing who can get the farthest to the right in that crowd. The same can be said for NC-11 (Shuler), which has 8 Republican candidates.

Even with a gerrymandered map, we got Democratic candidates in every race.

Bailout Binging Bainster TV Ad

We at AmericanLP have created a new ad to spotlight Mitt Romney's hypocrisy on the issue of bailouts. By now, most observers have learned that Mitt Romney was against a bailout for Detroit. But what even many political insiders don't realize is that Mitt Romney has been the beneficiary of a Federal bailout of sorts. As head of Bain and Co in the early 90s (he had been brought back from Bain Capital to sort out the mess at the mother company), Romney was in charge of keeping Bain from imploding under a huge mountain of debt. In addition to firing lots of people (naturally), Romney also squeezed suppliers and other creditors. What's more, Bain had a $38 million loan from the Bank of New England, and that the Bank of New England had its own problems and had been taken over by the FDIC.

Why I'm Afraid of Rick Santorum

About a month ago I saw a tweet from my favorite polling firm that really caught my eye, 

It was one in a series of polls that would be released in the coming weeks that predicted what we are seeing now, that Santorum, in large part because of his personal favorability, can mount a serious challenge to the inevitable nominee, Mitt Romney. 

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