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SCOTUS smacks down NCGOP

Nobody left for Roy Cooper to appeal to ...

#ncga cannot tell Dr's what to say to patients!!

Posted by Vicki Vars Boyer on Monday, June 15, 2015

Soon to be breaking: North Carolina prohibits training doctors to do abortions

This story is not true as of today, however it will likely be true before the end of this week. Congratulations, North Carolina. You're leading the way in ignorance and bigotry.

RALEIGH, NC -- The North Carolina General Assembly today approved extreme new legislation designed to limit abortion rights. Effective May 1st, any institution that receives state dollars or tax benefits will be prohibited from (1) training doctors to perform abortions, (2) training nurses to assist with abortions, and (3) providing any kind of abortion-related services or care.

In the meantime, another extremist anti-abortion law gets struck down

In a unanimous decision released today, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has blocked enforcement of the state’s pre-abortion ultrasound law, finding that it violates the First Amendment rights of physicians who provide abortions.

The extremists are willing to sacrifice all other rights for the inalienable rights of a zygote? Gotta love those family values.

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