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Can you hear me now?

If I could think, I would be hard pressed to make sense of what's happening all around me. Those voices I hear ... are they doctors and nurses? ... are distant echoes to the laughing, breathing momma who nurtured me for fourteen weeks before she collapsed on the kitchen floor. I would have happily gone on to the next place with her, but that was not to be. She has left me behind, growing, more or less, inside her brain-dead body.

Breaking: NCGOP ultrasound law judged unconstitutional

Just in from the NC ACLU:

"We just won our challenge to the ultrasound (“woman’s right to know”) law on the grounds that it violates doctors’ free speech rights to force them to communicate state-mandated propaganda that is not in their best medical judgment."

More to follow.

Greg Brannon exemplifies social conservative hypocrisy

The tea party nutjobs who have taken over the GOP always claim to be about freedom and the Constitution, but they always seem to be quite selective about which parts of the Constitution matter and which people actually get to enjoy the freedoms.

Here's Greg Brannon, the guy who plagiarized the plagiarist, on jobs and the economy:

The fundamental purpose of government is to protect each person’s liberty. Government bureaucrats should not decide how you or I spend our time and money.

Here's Greg Brannon, who doesn't want government bureaucrats deciding how we spend our time and money, telling us that government should decide what medical options adult women are allowed to pursue:

'Choose Life' license plates DOA?

It must be hard being a lawyer in the Attorney General's office these days, being on the wrong side of so many fundamental issues. And not just voter suppression and gay marriage. The AG's office was in federal district court this week, appealing a ruling against North Carolina's "Choose Life" license plate program. By all accounts, the State will be on the losing side of this one too.

Back in 2011, extremists in the General Assembly passed a law allowing the State to issue "Choose Life" plates for those who wanted to purchase them. At the same time, they rejected plates with "Trust women" and "Respect Choice." The legislation was immediately challenged, and U.S. District Judge James Fox ruled it unconstitutional. The state can't make the plates while the case works its way through the system. This week, the State went to court to appeal that ruling, arguing that it's matter of public speech, not private expression.

Texas abortion law ruled unconstitutional

Coming soon to the Old North State. Won't be long before all of Tillisberger's "accomplishments" go down in flames of constitutional vengeance.

Court injunction against abortion restrictions in Wisconson

It appears that McCrory's broken promise could come back to haunt him in more ways than one. Good to see the courts standing up for women's rights.

Why Don't You Gals Have Some Cookies?

Apparently some consultant told DAG McCrony that he wasn't showing enough "human side", so he offered a plate of cookies to the people who have been protesting all day yesterday and today against his LYING SACK OF EXCREMENT pledge to restrict abortion rights after promising he'd do no such thing. No, I'm not making this up.

Liar Pat actually had the nerve to come out of the Governor's MANSION (with only FOUR security guards!!) and attempt to have God bless one of the women who was protesting.

McCrory's gesture was — considering his decision to sign the bill Monday — seen as a bit condescending by those present, who came up with an off-the-cuff chant: "Hey Pat, that was rude. You wouldn't give cookies to a dude."

What's next?

Well, we're nearing the end of the current legislative session and it's pretty much been a disaster.

We've seen the extremist Republicans push through laws that restrict voting and abortion rights, give tax breaks to the rich and put more of a burden on the poor and middle class, defund education, take over the authority of local government, and encourage fracking. And I won't even go into absolutely stupid legislation like the Sharia law, the corruption and conflicts of interest in appointments in the Governor's office, or the gerrymandering and passage of Amendment One that they pushed through before the current session even began.

I think we really have to ask what else this bunch can possibly do in the next legislative session.

They're pretty much passed the full buffet of laws being pushed by ALEC and extremist religious organizations. What else can they do?

One more request

This brief documentary of the abortion debate hits home for me ... up close and personal. It also displays the breathtaking arrogance of Republicans who are trying to spin their legislation as having to do with women's health.

Please share and spread this excellent video around.

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