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McCrory to veto bill designed to spread abortion lies

All eyes are on McCrory. Will he do what he promised, or will he prove himself to be an impotent rocket in Art Pope's pocket? Who's betting he sells out?

The bill is not about protecting or promoting our teen’s health, it’s about inserting anti-choice and medically unsupported rhetoric into our classrooms. SB 132 would force teachers to tell students, starting in seventh grade, that abortion is a risk factor for pre-term delivery later in life. “This statement is utterly false. No respected medical authority has found evidence that links abortion care to later adverse effects on a woman’s reproductive health and fertility,” said Buckley. “Young people need facts about their health, not political propaganda.”

Local control

The Prince of Pelvic Politics

"But, he is a smart lawyer," is what typically followed a description of the decades of mysoginist bills and amendments offered up by Rep. Paul "Skip" Stam (R-Wake). I leave it to you, dear reader.

I have listened to Rep. Stam argue and debate for 20 years. In the minority or in the majority, his style is consistent. With false assumptions, pseudo science, an air of erudition and endless repetition, Rep. Stam intimidates, bullies and tries the patience of even his own mates.

When ideology trumps real science, replicable research and all reason, I am not persuaded. When charlatans testify as experts using anecdotes - which is not the plural of data - I worry. Of course, the lack of critical thinking utilized by the voters will not improve if the GOP keeps cutting public education budgets and the Governor questions the value of higher education. But, I digress.

Contrary to the body of work that Rep. Stam has to his credit:

Breaking: NCGOP to define abortion as murder

APEX, NC - Representative Paul Stam told Triangle radio listeners today that the General Assembly will soon take up - and pass - legislation that will define abortion as murder in North Carolina.

"This Thursday, on Valentine's Day, the mighty hand of the Lord is going to strike back against the legions of whores, baby-killers, and fornicators who have ignored His holy commandments," said Stam. "Abortion is not just murder, it's premeditated murder. Those found guilty must be put to death."

Mirroring a proposal now making its way through the Iowa legislature, Stam says his bill will finally put women in their place. "The Bible says women are good for one thing and one thing only. Breeding," said Stam. "That's why my bill is identical to the one introduced by my friend Rob Bacon, a devout conservative Christian serving God in the Corn Hole State.

1 in 3 women will have an abortion in their lifetimes

So that means the GOP wants to turn a third of the female population into criminals. How any woman can vote for these misogynists is beyond my comprehension.

Showdown coming on abortion rights in North Carolina

It looks like we're in for a showdown in Raleigh as the misogynists in the General Assembly look to impose more restrictions on women's rights despite McCrory's promise that he would not sign any such legislation. My prediction? McCrory does not have the balls to stand against the Pope-controlled legislature and will not veto anti-abortion legislation if it lands on his desk.

Instead, he'll let the legislation automatically become law without his signature, thereby technically keeping his bullshit promise.

Meanwhile, here's an excellent summary of the state of abortion rights on this anniversary of Roe v. Wade, featuring nine informative charts.

A symphony of lies and deception

Last week I hiked in Yosemite for the first time, taking a much needed break from work and blogging. I had no illusions that the political landscape would become more enlightened during my time off, but I didn't expect to come back to an even darker world of political deception and arrogance. In this darker world, Steve Harrison's report on Republican lying is but a footnote in a saga of hypocrisy and greed. Just west of us in Tennessee, and even sicker story unfolds:

Open thread

From the Orange Satan:

Why do lawmakers make it harder and harder to get an abortion, even in the cases where the mother will die, but easier and easier to get a gun? Do they only care about a life before it is born?

Why don't gun buyers have to follow the same rules women are forced to follow? Wait 48 hours after applying. View on ultrasound of a body with a bullet in it. Listen to the heartbeat of someone as they die of a gunshot wound. Get a lecture from a surgeon on what it is like to operate on a gunshot wound.

After all that, if a person still wants a gun, he or she can buy one. Why should buying a gun be any easier than having an abortion?

2012 political powerplay: Abstinence only

Dear women.

We're getting down to the wire here with this election business, and you haven't yet taken the hell over. What's up with that? This is your chance to save the day, to run for office and get elected in a landslide.

You hold the trump card. Sex. You could get everything you ever wanted in terms of freedom and healthcare. Join women all over North Carolina in year of abstinence only. Withhold sex from men until (1) Republicans drop all their birth control bullshit, and (2) the General Assembly revokes the new restrictions placed on women clinics and abortion providers.

These ridiculous Tea Party laws would be changed in a month if you wanted that to happen. Just say no.

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