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Keep our kids first

Apparently North Carolina ranks 48th in the nation in per pupil spending? And our average for teacher pay ranks 46th? To say that is discouraging is an understatement.

According to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI),

This will be the fifth consecutive year public schools have endured significant funding reductions. Many local superintendents have shared that schools in their districts have already been "cut to the bone." For years, many schools in North Carolina have operated with fewer teachers and staff, limited resources such as textbooks and technology, less training for teachers, and with facilities in need of update and repair. One superintendent has described the situation as a rubber band that has been stretched to its breaking point.

Given the harsh spending cuts over the past few years, it seems strange that our lawmakers are focused on charter schools and other faddish privatization schemes. No matter what your opinion is on charter schools, they take money away from our traditional public schools. Since 2008, the number of charter schools has grown by almost 50 percent, while over that same period nearly 4,000 traditional public schools have closed.

Challenge to McCrory and NCGA: $350 a week

Unless you're too afraid to walk in another man's shoes:

Community leaders and advocates for the unemployed are calling on Gov. Pat McCrory to live for one week on the maximum employment benefit of $350 weekly that lawmakers are considering. Challenge sponsor Action NC will hold a news conference Monday in Raleigh. Action NC policy director Kevin Rogers says McCrory doesn't understand what it's like to live on so little money.

And for those who are so removed from reality they have their accountant balance their checkbook: if your monthly mortgage is $1,050, your light bill is $200, your cable bill is $100, and your cell phone costs $50, well. You better hope you're invited to a dinner party every night, 'cause you got nothin' left for groceries.

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