Aldona Wos

Queen Aldona: It's not my fault!

Everything's great!

That's what Queen Aldona told her oversight committee. After getting slapped down by the feds for her disastrous management of NC's food stamp program, in which people who should have waited a few days ended up waiting months, Queen Aldona said she had it all fixed.

Except she didn't.

Wos told the Joint Legislative DHHS Oversight panel that only 520 cases remained in the queue statewide as of Tuesday, and officials were confident that the state could meet the March 31 deadline. Then, Guilford County officials notified DHHS early Wednesday of an additional backlog.

There's no question that Queen Aldona is in over her head. She's thoroughly incompetent. She should not only be fired, but also tarred and feathered and carried in a cart. By the SNAP recipients of North Carolina.

NC Medicaid Reform

After floating a trial balloon for privatizing Medicaid that sunk rapidly among the health care providers of the state, Deputy Assistant Guvnor Pat has now rolled out his proposed Medicaid reform plan, which relies heavily on Accountable Care Organizations. This plan has a far more favorable view from healthcare providers and payers.

Yeah, we know it's hard to believe that (1) Queen Aldona and DAG McCrony could apparently get something largely right (still to be determined); and (2) Queen Aldona and DAG McCrony could actually admit that their initial proposal was a disaster and make actual substantive changes.

Pat delivers on his promises

As our Deputy Assistant Guvnor, Pat McCrony promised to make government operations more efficient and provide excellent customer service.

We argue that he's succeeded! Let's look at two of his favorite departments as examples:

The DHHS ship is sinking

Another top-gun at DHHS jumps ship. I wouldn't want to work there either.

Vellucci makes $168,000 a year. He received a $23,284 raise last summer so he wouldn’t leave the job.

Looks like DHHS and DENR are in a shootout to see who can hit rock bottom faster. With Wos driving DHHS deep into the ground, and Skvarla stepping up as McCrory's fall-guy, it's sure to be a close contest.

How many McCrory appointees does it take to screw up a light bulb?

Just one: Aldona Wos.

And will respect to Representative Avila, it's not a question of making the government look like it's totally incompetent. The government IS totally incompetent, and citizens are right to conclude that you have no idea what you're doing.

“We could have found a way to solve this problem and not make this government look like it’s totally incompetent,” Avila said. “We could have handled this in a much more adult way and not put the question to the citizens of this state that we don’t know what we are doing.”

How many screw-ups will Pat McCrory tolerate from Queen Aldona before he fires her? You know the answer. He can't fire her. She's one of his money bags.

Aldona spends taxpayer money like a drunken sailor

Not content with her previous no-bid contract awards to family friends and Republican stalwarts, DHHS Secretary Aldona Wos is upping the ante.

The N.C. Department of Health and Human Services late Friday announced a $3 million sole source contract for a Washington, D.C.-area consulting firm to fix the problems in the state’s troubled $13 billion Medicaid program.

DHHS screw-up roll-up weekend wound-up

For your weekend reading enjoyment. It's a very long list.

Here come the doctors: class-action lawsuit for off-the-track NCTracks

We do the job, then we get paid. That's the deal:

The suit alleges the state Department of Health and Human Services and some of its computer services providers were negligent in developing and implementing a new Medicaid claims billing system, known as NCTracks. Doctors from Cumberland, Nash, New Hanover, Robeson and Wake counties are part of the suit and claim "NCTracks has been a disaster, inflicting millions of dollars in damages upon North Carolina’s Medicaid providers.”

It's hard to look at this without factoring in the GOP's ideological aversion to Medicaid and other threads in the safety net. Considering the way our health care system is designed, with private-practice providers making up the bulk of the "suppliers" in the industry, a disruption in payments could cause/force many of them to stop seeing Medicaid recipients. An outcome that many Republicans would welcome. It's no great leap to assume that many of our lawmakers would consider NCTracks a resounding success.

All hail the Queen!

The Great Dumbing Down of journalism and politics reached a new threshold yesterday, when all eyes were on Queen Aldona as she greeted her subjects in Raleigh. Would Her Majesty deign to apologize? Anticipation in the room was palpable. And then she uttered those unthinkable words.

"I deeply apologize for the impact that this has caused to the citizens of the state," said Wos, making her first public comments since the cards were mismailed two weeks ago.

In a fleeting stroke of genius, the Queen put to rest all concerns and doubts. She apologized! All hail Her Majesty! Things are once again right in the upper crust of the world.

N&O blasts McCrory and Wos

Spot on.

The responsible parties are exempt from consequences. Wos is shielded by the money she raised for McCrory. The governor is protected by his unwillingness to take responsibility. What’s broken at DHHS will take an election to fix.

The SS Queen Aldona is rudderless and lost at sea. Pat McCrory has decided to go down with the ship.

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