Avery County

Avery County Transfer Tax Succeeds - Not

It looks like the transfer tax referendum was approved in Avery County today.

According to the State Board of Elections, with 19 of 19 precincts reporting the votes were 1,434 for and 1,409 against (50.44% for and 49.56% against). A total of 2,843 votes were counted out of 2,845 cast. Turnout was 22.40% of 12,700 registered voters.

As the County Commissioners appear to have wanted this authority it is likely to be put into effect.

From the statutes authorizing the tax:

If the majority of those voting in a referendum held pursuant to this Article vote for the levy of the tax, the board of county commissioners may, by resolution and after 10 days' public notice, levy a local land transfer tax on instruments conveying interests in real property located in the county, up to a rate of four-tenths percent (0.4%), in increments of one-tenth percent (0.1%).

According to Go Blue Ridge proceeds of the 0.4% tax are intended for classroom renovations and most land transactions in the last two years were among non-resident buyers and sellers.

There were errors in election night precinct reporting. The official results show 1,414 for and 1,449 against, which is a margin of 35 to defeat the transfer tax. At 49.39% for 50.61% against the margin is still less than 1%.

New TV Ad blasting McHenry's Video and "Two Bit" remark

Looks like things get better and better- Sigmon's got TV commercials running now. Admittedly few of us will see them as they will probably stick to Conservative news networks, but hey, I might just try to catch an airing.

Discovered via a new VoteVets post

Patrick McHenry endangers troops, violates OPSEC with video

do not click, video has been removedApparently, Congressman Patrick McHenry cannot keep himself from hurting troops- be it belittling them, endangering them, or just right out ignoring them. Despite his recent attempts to hide the fact that he referred to a security guard in the green zone in Iraq as a "two bit" because he would not let McHenry into a gym at 5AM, McHenry has now done something that makes that "Two bit" comment look worth... well, about "two bits". In a recent attempt to calm the storm regarding his ugly remarks, Patrick McHenry distributed a video to his constituents via his website- a video of him after the attacks in the Green Zone.

The problem? This video has not only now endangered American troops in the Green zone, it's violated OPSEC, and McHenry is in biiiig trouble. I wish I was joking.

Patrick McHenry tries to hide evidence online

A BLUE NC EXCLUSIVE! Patrick McHenry, in response to Lance Sigmon's tech-based campaign (including a rather large website and e-mail system), has decided to counterattack and protect his record in his own way: having his staffers, friends, and even himself edit his Wikipedia page and other important records to hide key facts. Edits include getting angry at his nicknames (including the "littlest congressman"), trying to hide more names involved in his voter fraud scam, and just straight out trying to hide the voter fraud thing in it's entirety. Thanks to Wikipedia's history engine, the Wikiscanner, Archive.org, and various other tools, this article proves without a doubt that Patrick McHenry is working very very hard (using your tax dollars) to save his pudgy face.

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