Larry Pittman embarrasses NC

Larry Pittman adds to The Old Backward State's embarrassment by "joking" that President Obama is not a traitor to Kenya.

[Pittman said] "I just don’t think it’s right at all to call Barack Obama a traitor. There’s a lot of things he’s done wrong but he is not a traitor. Not as far as I can tell. I haven’t come across any evidence yet that he has done one thing to harm Kenya."

Ha ha! That's classy, Larry. I'm sure you got a good laugh from the Yeltonesque tinfoil hat wearers in the audience. But you amplified the view of lots of people in the US that NC is a bunch of extremist yahoos. Good luck getting businesses to locate here when they see that nuts like you are running the state.

Charlotte Observer unloads on Franklin Graham

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This morning, the Charlotte Observer editorial board rolled out the five-inch guns on Franklin Graham, calling him out for his ridiculous statements on Sunday's This Week with Christiane Amanpour.

Evangelist Franklin Graham surely must have forgotten the sage advice from a verse in Proverbs, about a fool holding his tongue and "being counted wise."

Otherwise he wouldn't have spouted the nonsense he did Sunday to ABC's Christiane Amanpour, giving huckster real-estate mogul and television personality Donald Trump a thumbs-up as a presidential candidate and repeating the already many times disproven silliness that President Barack Obama wasn't born in the United States.

After this haymaker, the Observer keeps punching, flat-out calling Graham's decision to join the "Where's the birth certificate?" crowd "ill-informed" and "irresponsible."

Good thing they didn't turn up in North Carolina

Creationists in Texas will have their heads 'sploding to discover that (gasp!) human beings lived on Lone Star land more than 15,000 years ago, 9,000 years before the earth was even formed! If those suckers had tried living in Skipstamistan, they'd have been put to death for unauthorized time travel.

Recent developments in the tiny Republic of Birtherstan

For a movement which has been the World's Biggest Epic Fail for more than 2 years now, there is much going on among the loathsome Birtherstani pissants ...

  1. Two more birther cases will be dumped by the Supreme Court next month. Orly Taitz is still trying to get her $20,000 back after being sanctioned in federal court in Georgia (though she claims her supporters have already reimbursed her more than half of it), and Phil Berg's Hollister case (sadly no longer involving Phil) has also reached the end of the line. Taitz's case will be denied Jan. 7, and Hollister on Jan. 14 (but we'll have to wait until the following Mondays to read the official orders). In both cases, the government declined to respond and the court didn't request a response, which is the kiss of death in the Supreme Court.

Mr. Anal Language Weenie's Birther Language Awards 2010

The Homophone Award:

Goes to perennial candidate and vexatious litigant Andy Martin, the self-described Internet Powerhouse and also-self-described Father of the Birther Movement, for this enduring gem:

"Four years ago when Obama was sacheting to the Democratic Party’s nomination, Hillary Clinton was afraid to do anything."

The Swing-and-a-Miss Award:

Regina at American FAKE Grand Jury, who found a YouTube of the Lord's Prayer being sung, and found it so beautiful and moving that she quoted the opening line:

"Our Father, who AREN'T in Heaven ..."

If He aren't in Heaven, where the heck are He?

TCOT prepares for war

#TCOT is a twitter hashtag used on twitter to organize "Top Conservatives on Twitter."

If you do a search for #tcot on twitter, you get a firehose of right-wing extremism and snark. It's not that useful to search #tcot by itself because there is way too much to possibly be able to consume - in the time it takes me to write this sentence there have been over 75 new messages posted.

But if you search a topic or a phrase along with "#tcot" you can get snapshot of what GOP talking points conservative activists are promoting.

Pls Help Facing South Track Birther Madness

I've agreed to start helping Facing South and the Institute for Southern Studies with their online outreach efforts. As many BlueNC readers know, the Institute was started 40 years ago as the research arm of the civil rights movement, and continues in that capacity today by reporting on environmental justice, workers' rights, corporate accountability, and people powered democracy.

Clearly exhibit A in the case that people powered democracy is under assault by corporate money is the rent-a-riot squads that have been attacking town hall events throughout America. Corporate front groups like Americans for Prosperity, Freedom Works, and the NCGOP have been effective in their defense of the status quo health insurance industry. What can I say? Direct action works, even when practiced by a relatively small number of partisans paid to travel the state.

Is Richard Burr a Birther Like His Base?

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"Birther" has entered the parlance as someone who doubts or flat-out denies President Obama's natural born citizenship. It turns out that a sizable chunk of southern Republicans are birthers.

Public Policy Polling tested North Carolina voters to find out how prevalent the birther phenomenon was in the Tar Heel State. As for the results, wow:

Only 54% of North Carolina voters say with certainty that they believe Barack Obama was born in the United States, with 26% saying they think he was not, and 20% unsure. ...

Foxx, Jones, Coble, McHenry, Myrick all ADMIT

President Barack Obama is from around here.

GOP implodes.


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