Black Friday

Got boycotts?

There's a storm a' brewing in the heart of America these days, a welcome push back by the 99% against a cabal of greedy robber barons. From exploitative companies like Papa Johns and Applebee's to North Carolina's own insidious Variety Wholesalers, regular people are at long last voting with their pocketbooks.

Have you made any personal commitments to steer clear of certain merchants as part of your political activism? If so, please shout 'em out in the comments below. Over the next week, I'll capture all entries in a thread to make it easy for your to share and track who the bad guys are.

Black Friday, Corporate Responsibility and Walmart

A lot of my posts here pertain to corporate responsibility-- most specifically and most often, with the halting attempts of America's largest retailer to fully grasp and embrace the meaning of that term, especially as it pertains to its employees, here in North Carolina and around the country.

This is because of my association with Wake-Up Wal-Mart and my dedication to the group's agenda.

Generally in this pursuit, I oscillate between a tone of detached snark and one of outraged derision toward the company, so I've been fairly described as having "an axe to grind."

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