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What's not to like?

Totally priceless

Yesterday I saw a MasterCard ad in the New York Times about a new app for the iPhone. The headline was: "Totally priceless."

This is a great example of adverb abuse. But even more damning, it undermines years of other "priceless" advertising. All those other things MasterCard said were "priceless" before? Well, they're not so priceless now. Not compared to this new thing, whatever it is, which also happens to be "totally priceless."

The word priceless is like the words unique and pregnant. It's either true or it's not.

Unfortunately, we have slipped into a world where words can mean whatever anybody wants them to mean, with impunity. The same is true with numbers, where 7% equals 5% equals the biggest teacher pay scam in history. Say something often enough and it becomes real.

BlueNC is about North Carolina

But just to get it into the record, what's happening in Ferguson, Missouri, and in other cities and towns throughout America these days represents the very worst of our human species. We should all be ashamed.

Beyond blogging: Personal connections win elections

Not a week goes by where we don't engage in soul-searching about BlueNC's role in the political stratosphere. To some observers, BlueNC is an odd-bird with a kook in charge. To others, we are an indispensable source of community. Many depend on us for insights about which bits of news might matter most, and how different stories are connected to one another. Some of our more recent soul-searching involves the intersection of Facebook communities, and how traditional blogging may or may not fit into that growing space.


BlueNC acronym dictionary

It was rightly pointed out that many of us here at BlueNC slip into the use of acronyms we've all grown to know and love. Here's a starter list (ones I found on BlueNC or otherwise thought of); others are encouraged to add to it and/or post acronyms or other terminology you've been wondering about yourself. I'll edit this entry from time to time.

  • ABC = Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission (don't know why it's not ABCC)
  • AFP = Americans for Pisspoority Prosperity (an evil Koch-funded organization out to destroy America and making much headway in doing so; their North Carolina chapter is working to destroy our state)

Daily Dose returns to BlueNC

As you may remember, BlueNC used to offer a news round-up under the heading Daily Dose, which was widely read and much appreciated. Unfortunately, we had to stop publishing it, for reasons we'll get into later. It is disturbing story, and it warrants a complete and careful telling, more than I can do right now.

In any case, we're very excited that Daily Dose is back. So please enjoy this excellent summary of today's news, made possible by a good friend of BlueNC.



Some more rope, please

Seriously, folks. You need to stop trying to rein in the GOP from acting on their worst instincts. Because every time you do ... every time you manage to get a tiny little concession from them ... people start to think they're being reasonable. They are not being reasonable. They are systematically gutting decades of slow progress to protect our environment and create a more sustainable future. And when the laws finally hit the books, all the tiny little concessions in the world won't add up to anything worth having.

North Carolinians need to see the full ugliness of GOP policies, and truly feel the destructive impacts of those policies on children, the environment, public safety, and the common good. Until that happens, they'll run the table.

Change is good

We are about to begin the process of upgrading BlueNC to a spiffy responsive design that will work beautifully on any size screen without loss of functionality or content regardless of whether the site is accessed on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

There will be some unavoidable structural changes because we are upgrading versions of Drupal, but hopefully they will enhance the site.

We've always sought to keep BlueNC lean - though we've tried a few functions and features that were ultimately removed. We may look for new features for the site once we have the initial upgrade completed.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please speak up in the comments. I know I speak for the entire admin and front page team when I say we would love to hear from you.

Most of the work will happen late at night, but I will notify you in advance so I don't take the site down in the middle of anyone's blog post masterpiece.


A new image for BlueNC

I thought this was a great link between BlueNC and Blue USA

Click this

What's next for BlueNC?

Ten years is like forever on the Internet, a place where fashion and function drive disruption a thousand times a day all around the world. Ten years. That's how long BlueNC has in the business of creating community, with our own special blend of information, opinion, outrage and commentary.

Ten years is also an opportune time to stop and reflect on where we've been and where to go from here. In the spirit of transparency and collaboration, I want to open that conversation to anyone who wants to join.

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