The last of BlueNC TV

Xtranormal, the online service I've used to make BlueNC TV videos is closing shop all of a sudden, leaving me and thousands of others stranded and out hundreds of dollars. As a result, I've scrambled to move many of my movies to YouTube, hoping they won't be lost in the black hole of shut-down servers. It's been a total pain in the butt.

I discovered the impending demise of Xtranormal when I went online this morning to make a new video featuring Thom Tillis and Pat McCrory.

If anyone is familiar with a reliable online animation resource, please let me know. In the meantime, say goodbye to BlueNC TV.


After dark: State-sponsored bribery

A new video to celebrate a fancy new home for a hundred million of your hard-earned tax dollars.
Thank you for giving away our money, Pat!

Miles of rope

It has been said that the arc of the moral universe is long, but that it bends toward justice. I'm not convinced that's true, but for the sake of optimism, let's pretend it is ... and examine North Carolina's unique position on that never-ending arc.

By any honest measure, the moral foundation of our state is slipping south faster than shit through a goose. King Arthur III has extended his sovereign reign to control a puppet legislature, a hapless governor, and a corrupt court system ... with stunning effectiveness and discipline. Operating at light speed, their medieval agenda has made North Carolina a laughingstock throughout the nation and the world, undermining our economy, our public infrastructure, our schools, our environment, and the heart and soul of our middle class. These are the facts on the ground, made all the more daunting by illegal gerrymandering.

In the face of this perfect storm, BlueNC readers have had several occasions to offer ideas for action. One specific poll asked what Democratic members of the General Assembly should be doing. Only 38% said those members should work hard and do their best under difficult circumstances. Sixty-two percent, on the other hand, called for blowing shit up, walking out or doing something else. One of the "something else" comments was especially intriguing.

I hate it when I'm right

For the past year, I've been chronicling Governor Pope's corporate coup here in North Carolina, including a special emphasis on Deputy Assistant Governor McCrory's undying allegiance to Duke Energy. I'm sorry to say, all of my predictions have come true. The videos below are a sampling of dozens more that tell the very sad story.


After dark: An interview with Phil Berger

Plus ... bonus trailer for tomorrow's big release.

Weekend wound-up

We will buy what we want

For those still living under the illusion that there is democracy in North Carolina, wake up and smell the damn coffee. It stinks to high heaven.

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