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Teachers say "no thank you" to divisive merit-pay bonus

Solidarity in the pursuit of sound educational policies:

Decked out in matching colors and receiving a standing ovation from a crowd of their peers, a handful of teachers from Murray Middle School on Thursday presented state lawmakers with a petition to be exempt from recent legislation that replaces tenure and raises for master’s degrees with merit pay.

That was just one of many emotionally charged topics–primarily related to pay–put forth to a panel of N.C. legislators and local and state education officials during an update on public education at UNCW’s Watson School of Education Thursday afternoon.

Goolsby displayed his usual contempt for his constituency, but his meme-spouting and ignorance did not go unchallenged:

Editor's note to the NCDP

In the political realm, all communications are important, and should be crafted with care. This is even more important for online communications, because they are (generally) preserved for posterity somewhere in the cloud and can resurface at inopportune times. The following is excerpted from an e-mail, but the editorial notes are mine:

Folks, many of you know that during the past several months, I have been traveling around our great state sounding the alarm on the Republican’s (1) education plan. Over the weekend, Governor McCrory negotiated a budget that cuts nearly a half-billion dollars from public education in North Carolina. As the former Superintendent of Public Instruction and Congressman (2), I am in total shock over what the Republicans are trying to pull. This budget is my worst nightmare.

(1) The location of the (possessive) apostrophe would indicate a single individual as opposed to a group. This would work if the noun indicated a group (Republican Party's education plan), but it doesn't, so Republicans' is the proper form.

(2) In the absence of further context (Congressman for the district/region blah blah), it should be "a" Congressman.

Bob Etheridge & David Price address concerns about the NC GOP

Saturday morning (Feb. 9th) the Harold Ellen Harnett County Democratic Men's Club hosted their annual Groundhog breakfast. David Price who now represents a portion of Harnett County was the keynote speaker and Bob Etheridge was master of ceremonies. Each spoke about the future of the Democratic Party and the dangers of the GOP in Raleigh and Washington.

Council of State and Judges 5 county tour of Eastern North Carolina , Saturday , Oct.27th, 2012

The Council of State candidates and statewide candidates of judicial races will be touring 5 counties in the east on Saturday, Oct 27th. Details below.

NC's free market education divide

We can thank Bob Etheridge for bringing this up:

Parents and supporters at several Wake County schools have raised money to pay for teachers in recent years. A News & Observer analysis before the current school year showed that foundations, parent-teacher groups, individuals and companies gave as much as $21 million annually to Wake County Public Schools. Schools with low-income populations got much smaller slices of the pie.

Of course they did. And there's a whole lot of rural schools out there whose parents can't afford a pack of pencils, much less a multi-million-dollar annual budget supplement. It's a bleak future for our kids. Most of them, anyway...

Etheridge rooted in education

This is the third in the series on candidates for the Democratic nomination for governor. I'll be the first to admit I don't know a whole bunch about him. I lived in Georgia most of the time he was Superintendent of Public Instruction and even as an almost lifetime resident of NC (40 of my 47 years), I had to look up where Harnett County was.

His politics have tended toward middle-of-the road. The authoritative Almanac of American Politics, described him as having “compiled a moderate voting record that is generally more liberal on economic issues. He belongs to the centrist New Democrats.”

read more: Charlotte Observer

Interesting attempt to contact me ...

Got an interesting call yesterday. Some kid Field Organizer from Etheridge campaign called up and left a message on my phone. Told me to contact him (but did not leave a number), but left the number and name for a Field Director for the entire state. So I called him.

I told him that as a Precinct Chair in Wake County, I can't take sides and endorse one candidate over another. I told him that I was not so much concerned about the candidate's policies (assuming that they will follow the Democratic Party platform and work to turn it into public policy should Hell freeze over and we get a workable majority back).

Shades of things to come?

I am not a big fan of this campaign style, I want a candidate to convince me to vote for them based on what they have done - not for what their opponent has done or not done. Walter Dalton has taken a shot at Bob Etheridge for a vote Etheridge made while a Congressman:

In one of the first shots of the Democratic gubernatorial primary, Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton on Friday jabbed former U.S. Rep. Bob Etheridge for voting for a trade deal that he said cost North Carolina jobs.

Read more: Charlotte Observer

The Renee Ellmers Flip-Flop

In 2010 Renee Ellmers attacked Bob Etheridge for supposedly voting to cut Medicare. Now in 2011, Ellmers is not only voting to cut Medicare, but end the program as we know it.

(VIDEO) Renee Ellmers: On Medicare, she can't handle the truth.

As the saying goes, "You are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts.”

Last year Renee Ellmers ran against what she called “massive Medicare cuts” contained in the health reform law. Today Ellmers supports a radical plan to not only cut Medicare, but also end the program as we know it.

Ellmers support for ending Medicare is solidly on the wrong side of public opinion, so when asked by Christainne Ammanpour last Sunday on ABC News “This Week” Ellmers had no choice but to deny the facts and put out distortions.

Ellmers on This Week:

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