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Tillis tries to cash-in on Blueprint memo

Never miss an opportunity to fleece your donors:

House Speaker Thom Tillis is using the strategy memo as a way to raise money. The Republican leader sent a fundraising solicitation Friday, less than a day after the story broke. “We are only three weeks into the legislative session and ultra-liberal organizations, in partnership with the Democratic Party and Democratic legislative leaders have vowed to ‘cripple’ me,” he writes.

Dude, if we could actually get the NCDP, Democratic legislative leaders and Progressive organizations to partner on anything, it would be much more newsworthy than this poorly-thought-out memo. And what the hell does "Ultra Liberal" mean, anyway? We don't have "regular" Liberals here in North Carolina with an extremist fringe. We have Dixiecrats and corporate rats, and anybody to the left of them is what I would call "sane and enlightened."

Republicans use 9/11, cancer to solicit funds

But it's where they did it that may hurt them the most:

Any proceeds from a fundraiser held at the Bee Tree fire station in Swannanoa on September 11 by the Buncombe County GOP spent on political activities would likely result in campaign finance violations, says Adam Ragan, campaign finance compliance specialist with the North Carolina State Board of Elections.

Anthony Penland, chief of the Swannanoa Fire Department, told the North Carolina Independent News that no fee was paid for use of the facility by the Buncombe County GOP. Penland said he thought the fundraiser was to “raise money for cancer,” and that he was unaware that the fundraiser would benefit the local Republican Party.

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