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Nebraska poised to be next state to walk away from the death penalty

You know the death penalty is on its last gasp when one of the most heavily Republican states in the nation votes to repeal it.

That's what happened this week in Nebraska a the unicameral legislature voted 32-15 to abandon the death penalty in the state.

Anonymous complaints filed against Racial Justice Act attorneys

When saving a human life gets you into trouble with the Bar:

Gretchen Engel, director of the Durham-based Center for Death Penalty Litigation, and Cassandra Stubbs, a lawyer with the American Civil Liberties Union Capital Punishment Project, were among a team of attorneys who used the short-lived law to convert a North Carolina death row inmate’s sentence in 2012 to life without possibility for parole.

Now the attorneys face possible punishment from the N.C. State Bar. Some legal analysts have characterized the allegations of wrongdoing as so minor and “questionable” that they think politics could be at play. It is unclear who filed the complaints against the attorneys. That’s not part of the public record.

Since this isn't a criminal probe, I realize the 6th Amendment doesn't apply. But an accusation that can ruin somebody's career deserves more disclosure than this. There's also a huge dose of irony accompanying these complaints: Not only were African-Americans disproportionately removed from the juries, the mystery complainants are angry the rejected black jury candidates were allowed to speak about it:

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