Castle Hayne Aquifer

Another water quality fight on NC's coastal plain

And concrete is (once again) at the center of the mess:

The 269 letters express concern over state permits issued, or in the process of being issued, to Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. for the purpose of building a 649-acre limestone quarry in southern Beaufort County. One of those permits would allow the discharge of 12 million gallons of freshwater per day into the headwaters of the brackish Blounts Creek. Another would draw as much water from the Castle Hayne aquifer. If the permits are put into practice, area residents and farmers who rely on well water, as well as species currently living in what is a state-designated primary nursery area for saltwater species, could be greatly impacted, according to critics.

It will be interesting to follow up and see if this PR drama makes any difference:

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