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At issue here with the State Democratic Party is no longer a matter of personality clashes or competing party ideologies. The core problem of the struggling NCDP is a lack of leadership. I am convinced that Chairman Voller is a nice guy. I have talked with him one on one and have listened to him speak. I am convinced that he genuinely cares for the party and the people in it. If all it took to be in charge was a winning personality Jimmy Carter would have won a second term and John Kerry would be a former President instead of current Secretary of State.

Is David Young the progressive leader we need?

Since his election many have asked why this man. Now he has a situation at a trailer park in Weaverville, NC.

Earlier this week, David Young, the chairman of the N.C. Democratic Party and the owner of the Eden Glen Mobile Home Park in Weaverville said the orange-colored water he charges residents for is safe but “not pretty.” Oh, and for those who refused to pay the bills because the water is so nasty? The people who may want a word with the park owner after their water was cut off?

“I don't manage it (the mobile home park). … I'm just an investor there,” Young told our paper.

Dear lord.

You're not just an investor, David; you're the owner, along with your wife, Leigh. It's on the legal papers.

Mr. Young can't even tell the truth about his holdings, how can we trust him with our party?

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