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Duke Energy and Bank of America shareholder meetings getting police scrutiny

The Charlotte Observer reported yesterday that the upcoming shareholder meetings of Duke Energy and the Bank of America have been declared "extraordinary events" by the city. The Duke Energy shareholder meeting is on Thursday; the BoA meeting is on May 7th.

The designation was made because of anticipated protests; it will give police more powers to search individuals attending the event or in areas in the streets around the meetings.

Feds seized gun, cash, and computers from Cannon

On the day Patrick Cannon was arrested Feds seized a gun, cash, cell phones, computers, bank records, campaign finance records, and his passport. The gun, a Glock 10mm semi-automatic handgun may be one that Cannon had reported stolen in 1994.

From the Charlotte Observer:

In 1994, Cannon, then a city council member, reported that his car had been stolen along with a Glock 10mm semi-automatic handgun that was inside the car. The car was returned, but it was unclear what happened to the gun.

I bet I know what you're thinking.

Charlotte's next mayor

Charlotte will elect a new mayor this fall. In fact early voting for the primary begins next week. Here's my take on the position as appeared in the Charlotte Observer last month. In spite of the fact that I speak of the next Charlotte mayor, the same character and courage from every mayor in the state would make us a much, much better place.

"This November Charlotte will elect a new Charlotte mayor. While expectations will be high, we must be mindful that many issues we face are controlled outside City Council chambers. This new mayor won’t be a messiah or magician, but the job does come with a built-in legitimacy of speech, with “street cred.” When the mayor talks, we listen. Perhaps not always in agreement, but we do listen and are often influenced to action. What we need is a mayor who will use this position to connect us to one another, to illuminate our common wants and needs, to lead us in honest public conversation about important matters that affect every one of us – a mayor who will speak for us to outside power, with passion and resonance.

Help Send Tina to Charlotte!!

Friends, Over the last unbelievably short 8 years of my being an active and engaged member of the Democratic Party, I have had the privileged honor to meet some of the greatest political figures of our lifetime and certainly some of the most respected leaders of the Democratic Party.

There is just one person I have not yet had the opportunity to personally meet and that is our President Barack Obama! Please make a donation to help me travel to Charlotte and maybe get that one last opportunity to meet our President and be your voice in Charlotte!

Humbly asking for your generous donation,

Tina Willis Rodriguez, 2012 Democratic National Convention Delegate-Alternate

Former 1st Vice Chair-NCDP 3rd Congressional District; SEC Member-NCDP; 2008 DNC Rules Committee; 2nd/3rd Vice President-Carteret County Democratic Women; 2004 DNC Delegate; Wildwood Precinct Chair; and 2006 Candidate for Carteret County Commissioner

HHS Secretary Sebelius speaks against Amendment One

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius rallied a crowd of 1,400 at a Human Rights Campaign Gala in Charlotte Saturday night to defeat Amendment One.

National labor unions to skip 2012 DNC

Misplaced anger and missed opportunities:

Casting North Carolina as an anti-union bastion with "regressive policies aimed at diluting the power of workers," more than a dozen trade unions affiliated with the national AFL-CIO have told the Democratic National Committee that they will sit out the 2012 convention in Charlotte.

Right assessment, wrong response. You don't change the hearts and minds of people by absenting yourself; you make the biggest splash you can. And you damned sure don't leave your local affiliates out to dry:

White supremacists to hold convention in Charlotte

Josef Mengele would be proud:

A magazine described as a platform for white nationalists plans to hold its annual conference in Charlotte next month, smack on the heels of an NAACP leader's description of the city as a "racist bastion." According to its website, the group advocates "race realism," a belief that race is "the most prominent and divisive" fault line in society.

While the inferiority of non-whites is a recurring theme with these nutcases, they don't have much respect for women, either:

Health Care March and Rally

Mar 20 2010 11:00 am


Join me Saturday in Charlotte for a Rally and March to "End Health Care Discrimination".

Gather at Mt. Moriah church at the corner of Cedar and W. Trade St. at 11:00AM. We'll march to the square at Trade and Tryon for a rally.

Scheduled speakers are Rev. Barber from the state NAACP delivering the keynote address, Pat McCoy for HCAN, Gray Newman board chairman of Democracy NC, Ted Russel Pres. Teamsters Local 71.

Please plan to attend this important action to show your commitment to health care reform. Should there be some momentous movement in congress by Saturday morning the rally will become a celebration. A celebration that recognizes the need for further reform. Reform that includes everyone.

Saturday March 20, 2010
Mt. Moriah Primitive Baptist Church
747 West Trade St.
Charlotte, NC

Peace and Justice

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