Citizens United

Corporate Personhood is coming-unless you stop it.

Corporate Nationhood is coming.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty (TPP) is outrageous and it’s beyond time to start paying attention to it. If Citizen’s United gave us corporate personhood, this treaty gives us Corporate Nationhood. It turns governments into entities that support corporations even at the expense of their own citizens and it will have broad affects on the people of North Carolina.

An organizer’s life part 2

You may recall a recent blog entry I wrote called Ever wondered what an organizer does? It's not a job title that comes with as much immediate understanding as say doctor, lawyer, cop, or teacher so I wanted to share a little bit about what it is like. In so doing I discussed two issue-campaigns going on at that time. I didn't want to leave folks hanging on how those turned out, so I've swung back around to share what happened with those, and what's ahead.

That the utilities commission picked this out-of-the-way location as the site of the regional energy rate hike hearing made me wonder whether they expected much of a turnout. And why should they? After all, some of the preceding rate hike hearings hadn’t garnered that much public interest. To make matters worse, a major storm was rolling through the day of the hearing that put many of North Carolina’s counties under various severe weather watches and warnings.

I don’t think anyone expected...

Ever wondered what an organizer does?

You’re not alone. Growing up, none of the adults in my life were organizers. In college, no one majors in “organizing.” I sometimes still struggle myself to explain to relatives at Thanksgiving or friends over coffee what I do for a living as “Eastern NC Organizer.” And yet organizing is an incredibly important part of building grassroots power in our democracy. My hope is that through contributions to this blog I can share glimpses into the world of organizing and the issues facing Democracy North Carolina and our state. I’ll start by sharing about my past few days on the job!

Though I've been blogging on Blue NC for years, this was my first go at blogging on the job. I hope you'll click over to see the rest, give it a read, and leave a comment if you like what you see!

Fixing our Democracy

Our Democracy, so carefully put in place by the Founders, is on life supprt. The partisan divide has reached the point where party has become far more important than country. The most recent Congress's performance ranks as one of the poorest in history, and the future holds little promise for improvement. The reason - members of the House of Representatives have little reason to compromise on any contentious issue because they have home districts that are gerrymandered blue or red. The following is my take on a possible fix for our collective redistricting nightmare and some general changes I would like to see in our electoral process. Thank you for reading. Any comments and/or suggestions are most welcome.

1. Fix redistricting
Every state with more than one congressional district shall appoint an independent commission to redraw their congressional districts.

Justice Newby stands behind shadowy Super PAC

I guess educating voters doesn't include telling them where the money came from:

The incumbent candidate in the race for a state Supreme Court seat said a political action committee’s advertisements on his behalf are a way to educate the public about the state’s judicial system.

Oh, it's educational all right. We learn that seats on the state's highest court are for sale, no questions asked. GOP hypocrisy: You should show an ID to vote, but you don't have to show an ID if you want to buy a judge. Forget about tv ads for a moment, and compare how many times Newby mentions God vs the Constitution:

Greenville city council passes the anti-Citizens United resolution!

You may remember reading about all the hard work the Democracy Summer internship teams did over the summer. In particular one project the Greenville team took on was to rally public support and meet with a majority of the City Council members to educate them about the anti-Citizens United resolution. Through their hard work over the summer, last night we won the milestone 10th city in North Carolina to pass this resolution, and the first east of 95!

Social activism inside the BofA Boardroom

There's more than one way to skin a (Citizens United) cat:

“Citizens United conferred expanded freedom to corporations and unions to make political donations, but exercising that freedom exposes companies and their shareholders to significant risk,” said Shelley Alpern of Trillium, which filed the proposals at 3M and Bank of America. “Better means exist for those in the business community to express their political and policy preferences that do not divert shareholder resources toward political ends that they may not support and which may cause public controversy.”

This article is somewhat dated, but if I heard the rep from Trillium on the radio a few minutes ago correctly, the proposal to discontinue BofA's political contributions will be voted on today. And it would be a public relations coup for the embattled mega-bank.

Creeping fascism

This is a heads-up reminder that NDAA 2012, SOPA, PIPA, EEA and the accelerated approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline were all thrown at us AFTER 17 September 2011, i.e. "Day One" of Occupy Wall Street and the global Occupy movement. We must reject or reverse all of these or we lose. But even if we undo NDAA, stop SOPA, prevent PIPA, eliminate EEA and outlaw the Keystone XL Pipeline, that doesn't mean we win. It simply means we'd be right back where we started on 9/17, facing all the same injustices that inspired us to rise up against the corporate fascist elite kleptocracy that has taken over the United States government and through it much of the rest of the world. In other words...

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