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'For Dix, 'what's next' could be a long time coming'

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"...The master planning of a park, Hoal said, has never taken less than 18 months to complete and tends to follow roughly the same trajectory, regardless of its size or city of origin.

The first step often begins with public feedback. Although an ongoing part of the process, Hoal explained that it plays a crucial role in establishing an overall vision for the park.

Once this has been established, the various architects, engineers and outside consultants working on the project begin to look much closer at the physical characteristics of the land.

Dix could be a bit more complicated than usual, Hoal said.

State, Raleigh sign lease for Dix campus; what's next?

State, Raleigh sign lease for Dix campus
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I have yet to see the lease signed today by Governor Perdue on behalf of the state of North Carolina. I hope to see it soon to see which party, the state or the city, is responsible for environmental liability and clean up. I raised this issue to members of the Council of State and the Governor, but never received acknowledgment of my questions or the courtesy of a reply to my emails.

The pledge by Greg Poole, leader of the group which calls itself Dix Visionaries, to raise $3 million raises some questions on openness and transparency:

Is there a budget for the master plan? Will the group be inclusive, when appointing the leaders of the planning group? Will Gregory Poole fully commit to funding the master plan privately? Will he make the donors public?

Perdue's Hail Mary as time runs out

Little known fact for anyone interested in transparency in government or in Gov. Bev Perdue’s Hail Mary pass for a touchdown, as she leaves office: leasing Dix Hill for a park. I have been doing some research and calling usually well-informed sources about a section of a story that appeared in the N&O on Dec. 3rd.

It told of another plan for the use of the Dix Campus that would actually have benefited those with mental illness. (You know--those folks for whom the Dix Hill was created in the first place?) But I came up empty in finding out the whole story.

Matt Garfield wrote the story referencing NCSU's plans, and he brought up a plan that would have created a Mental Health Think Tank as well as a park and a Center to promote entrepreneurship. Sounded good to me. Unfortunately, it was not reported in the media until after the plans were cancelled at the last minute.

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