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Sea level rise: Practical and dire consquences

I know sea level rise has been declared illegal in North Carolina, but that doesn't change the fact that it is happening ... and accelerating. For a practical look at the consequences for infrastructure (especially sewage systems), take a look at this excellent story at North Carolina Health News. It's a sobering reminder that the people in charge of our government are, for the most part, clueless fools with their heads stuck in the sand.

Sen. Kay Hagan Calls for Action on Climate

Washington, DC—Thursday evening on the Senate floor, North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan made an impassioned speech on the threat of global warming to North Carolina’s future. Dave Rogers, Field Director with Environment North Carolina, issued the following statement in response:

“Sen. Hagan showed Thursday that she understands the urgency of addressing global warming. She understands what failing to act could mean for North Carolina’s famous coastline and our agricultural heritage. Given the PR campaign by the dirty energy industry to spread junk science and deny climate change, we thank the senator for standing up with science and speaking the truth.”

NC DENR - Climate Change? What's that?

WRAL noticed that all mention of climate change recently disappeared from the DENR's website. The information included resources on greenhouse gasses and climate change and two major reports on climate change.

Who needs "science", "facts", or common sense when there's "customers" like developers, Duke Energy, and Art Pope to "serve"?

McCrory spreads climate change myth and takes credit for cleaning up the environment

On CBS News this morning, Bob Scheiffer interviewed Deputy Assistant Governor about the storms in the state, challening him on his previous statement that climate change "was in God's hands". McCrory insisted his was misquoted and went on to say:

“But I will say this, that I feel that there has always been climate change. The debate is really how much is really man made, and how much will it cost to have any impact on climate change.”

Perhaps someone needs to introduce Pat to the 97% of climate experts that agree that climate change is man-made.

Rep. Mike Stone: It's Cold, and I Don't Understand Science

Science is tough, what with its rules and laws and proof. And, hey, look, it's snowing outside. For Rep. Mike Stone, apparently snow on the ground means that Global Warming must be a joke. So, as his constituents deal with power outages, impassable roads, and cancellations, Stone finds some humor in his lack of basic understanding of science. As The Rant notes, there are easily found articles that explain the difference between climate and weather, but that would require typing words into Google and then reading. It's much easier to make a Facebook post that continues the ignorance.

Open thread

Nothing to see here. Move along.

NC looks like a bunch of morons on the global stage

New York City and New Bern, North Carolina both face the same projected rise in sea levels, but while one is preparing for the worst, the other is doing nothing on principle. A glimpse into America's contradictory climate change planning.

If you've ever wondered what foreign people think about North Carolina, this article in Spiegel International will enlighten and depress you. Here's hoping DAG McCrory and Secretary Decker aren't on the hunt for any German companies for whom a reliance on science and planning are important cultural considerations. Doing nothing on principle. Indeed.

Not so fast

The director of the NC Museum of Natural Sciences this week banned the showing of a documentary about sea level rise.

According to emails provided by the museum, director Emlyn Koster wrote that “we want to engage the public, marshal the progress of our unique learning-rich setting and take advantage of our collaborative network, rather than focusing on an hour-long film in a theater.” He added that the museum needs to “ensure an objective science-centered approach.”

My translation: "I don't know about you," said Mr. Koster, "but I want to keep my job. If that means sucking up to the climate-change deniers in the General Assembly, so be it. They passed a law making sea level rise illegal, and by god, it's going to stay illegal."

Andrew Brock is an idiot

It's cold today, so climate change is a hoax. So sayeth Senator Andrew Brock.

Talk about making the case for an intelligence test for elected officials.

As James says, pardon my French, but some things need saying:

Andrew Brock is a flaming asshole.

What climate change?

This doesn't apply to North Carolina. Our policy makers have made global warming illegal. It's not happening here.

Just looking at the known drivers (climate forcings) and the actual temperature history shows it directly, without need for a climate model: without the increase in greenhouse gases caused by humans, the slow cooling trend would have continued. Thus virtually the entire warming of the 20th Century is due to man. This May, for the first time in at least a million years, the concentration of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere has exceeded the threshold of 400 ppm. If we do not stop this trend very soon, we will not recognize our Earth by the end of this century.

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