The dying art of legislating

There is much bad news today, and it's easy to get distracted by whatever specific catastrophe is coming our way. The bigger picture is even worse, as observed in this editorial in the New York Times. It seems the all our elected officials believe they are doing good, no matter how insane or destructive their actions.

In large part, there's nothing we can do about the bigger picture. Our only course of action lies in working to avoid individual specific catastrophes. Find whatever good candidates you can find to support, and work like hell to help them win.


Rep. Ellmers unattentive to her district: Harnett Dispatch

In a featured on WRAL news Rep. Renee Ellmers says that she is dismayed that the President would try to take credit for the job growth here in North Carolina. Watch video below to see full interview.


By Daniel Glover for the Harnett Dispatch

The question must be asked if Rep. Ellmers is so dismayed by the President, what she has done for the district that she represents in Congress. I think we all can agree that Ellmers has had plenty of camera time to talk about what people are not doing but she has not done anything to help the school situation in Harnett and the growth and development of our district. There has been one thing on her agenda and that is to repeal Obama Care.

Veterans Day is pretty big in my house

Veteran’s days are a very special day for the Adame family. My Father Johnnie Adame was a Korean War veteran, My Father-in-law, The Reverend Thomas Ortiz is also a Korean War veteran and a Purple Heart recipient.

I am a Vietnam Veteran and served almost four years in Iraq as a civilian.

My son Billy is a Iraq Combat veteran who was critically wounded in a Battle with Iraqi insurgents in 2006. My youngest son Benjamin, also a combat veteran, served 15 months in Iraq and 12 Afghanistan and my eldest son Paul is a veteran of 5 years in the Air Force. The Adame’s are well acquainted and represented in military service to our Country.


Received a call from my Dad this evening. He mentioned that he tried to email Richard Burr's office this evening but the website had all but shuttered. I checked it out, and sure enough, it's still basically nonfunctional. There is a message about the shutdown, a phone number, and his D.C. mailing address, but that's it.

At first I thought this seemed extreme but reasonable. The staff is probably pretty thin and maybe they are all doing this. Then I checked out Kay Hagan's website and guess what? Fully functional, email and everything.

US finds itself with only one Syria partner

Secretary of State John Kerry is scheduled to make an announcement at 12:30 PM after the meeting that President Obama is holding of the National Security Council meeting on Syria.

UPDATE: WATCH LIVE: Sec. of State Kerry to explain why military action against Syria would be justified

US finds itself with only 1 Syria partner: France

By ELAINE GANLEY — Associated Press


The United States found itself Friday with France as its only major partner in a potential strike against Syria, after a stunning rejection of military force in Parliament forced Britain, America's staunchest ally, to pull out of any operation.

The collapse of British support for a mission to punish Syria for allegedly using chemical weapons puts pressure on President Barack Obama as resistance grows at home — and comes with the irony that France was the most vocal critic of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq...

An Impertinent Question - Robert Reich (Could it be treason?)

An Impertinent Question - from Robert Reich

Permit me an impertinent question (or three).

Suppose a small group of extremely wealthy people sought to systematically destroy the U.S. government by (1) finding and bankrolling new candidates pledged to shrinking and dismembering it; (2) intimidating or bribing many current senators and representatives to block all proposed legislation, prevent the appointment of presidential nominees, eliminate funds to implement and enforce laws, and threaten to default on the nation’s debt; (3) taking over state governments in order to redistrict, gerrymander, require voter IDs, purge voter rolls, and otherwise suppress the votes of the majority in federal elections; (4) running a vast PR campaign designed to convince the American public of certain big lies, such as climate change is a hoax, and (5) buying up the media so the public cannot know the truth.

Koch Brothers...merchants of death?

Beneath the radar, as usual, of the national media there is a controversy over PBS pulling a documentary on the Koch bothers influence in America. Apparently, they are large donors on both sides of the aisle and no one wants to stop the flow of their money...even if it kills them...or maybe their grandchildren.

I encourage you to read this chilling article by Jane Meyer of the New Yorker:

First openly gay congressman in the south?

I don't have a lot to add to this great Q-Notes article, other than to ask, if elected, would Rep. Brandon be the first openly gay Congress member in the south?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — State Rep. Marcus Brandon (D-Guilford) has formally announced his decision to run for North Carolina’s 12th Congressional District. Brandon filed paperwork to form his campaign committee on May 1. The committee’s formation was made public this week.

The seat has been held by Rep. Mel Watt since 1993. On May 1, Watt was nominated by President Barack Obama to head the Federal Housing Finance Agency.

Money talks. Congress listens.

Money Talks. Congress Listens.

Does the NRA reflect the feelings of its members or the needs of its donors? What are its real priorities? A survey of membership in 2012 found that 74% of members are in favor of mandatory background checks for gun purchases. 74%. Why does NRA rhetoric not reflect this in their chosen talking points but instead pushes against background checks? Could it be that they don’t really serve their members but their masters--the armament producers? In the minds of most Americans there is a big difference between defending an individual’s right to gun ownership and a manufacturer’s supposed right to make huge profits by selling the same.

Fiscal Cliff Action in Raleigh on Monday, Dec. 31st at 2 PM

The fiscal cliff negotiations are coming down to the wire in Washington, D.C. – which means our country faces a choice of protecting working families and the middle class, or going over the "cliff" in order to save tax breaks for the very wealthy. On Monday, Congress will likely be voting on several proposals to protect middle class families – which means now is the time for us to make our voices heard in public and in the media.

Please join us on Monday, December 31 at 2 PM in Raleigh near the Fayetteville Street New Year's Eve acorn drop site.
We will be gathering to urge Congress to "not drop the ball on the middle class" in order to protect tax breaks for the wealthy. This will be a public media event (so turnout will be important). It will also be an opportunity to make calls to Congress and to educate the public about the choices facing our country.

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