Corporate takeover

In case you're confused, Art Pope did indeed stage a hostile corporate takeover in North Carolina

How one privileged asshole finally got his way. From Facing South. Excerpt below the fold.

Asshat of the week

The N&O needs a new pundit

I know the N&O is having a hard time breaking its Puppetshow habit, but can't they find anyone more insightful than Andy Taylor as their academic apologist for Republican shenanigans? This is getting ridiculous.

For now the vast majority of anonymous donations is by conservative groups. Taylor, the political scientist, said, though, that he doesn't think that will remain the case. "A lot of the reason we are seeing a lot of it being Republican money or conservative money, is because it's a Republican year, and those guys are energized and want to give," he said.

Why didn't the reporter ask Taylor to explain his absurd claim? Why didn't he get a clarification as to what Taylor means by "those guys" who want to give? Because if he had asked the question, we'd know that "those guys" are approximately fifty rich businessmen, including owners foreign corporations, who are attempting to buy our elected government right out from under us.

Art Pope

The N&O today profiles The Man Who Would Be King, a sad story dripping with more irony than god should ever allow in print. Here's the bottom line. In order to save North Carolina from corrupt Democrats, Art Pope is staging a hostile takeover of state government, thereby making the Legislature a wholly owned subsidiary of Variety Wholesalers.

An end to a means

I'm a fan of the new Senator from Minnesota, Al Franken, but I find myself with my head in my hands, lamenting his appeal to participants at Netroots Nation.

And I can tell you first hand that the government - the White House, the FCC, my fellow members of Congress - is hearing plenty from the corporations on the other side of these issues and not nearly enough from you. If you want to protect the free flow of information in this country and all that depends on it, you have to help me fight this. Help me fight this.

Your logo here

A quick preview of our new state flag, coming soon to a glittery pole near you.

  • As I understand it, the blue bar will be for sale every two years. Look for Duke Energy to outbid Blue Cross in early 2012.
  • The white bar will be permanently dedicated to the glory of Variety Wholesalers, owned and operated by Art Pope. This is in recognition of his many years of buying funding helping skating around electioneering laws in anticipation of yesterday's glorious ruling. A deal has been reached that will allow him to swap out the Roses logo for any one of his many stores, or his newspaper of choice. To my knowledge.
  • As for the red bar, I am embarrassed to report that we the stupid people of the United States of America are actually giving money the big bank who wants to buy not just Congress, but also the North Carolina legislature.
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