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Coy Privette has the last laugh. (Updated)

Yet another installment in the Coy Privette (former NC state representative and current County Commissioner) sex scandal soap. Check my earlier post for a recap on the story.

They chickened out!

In an unbelievable example of "back room politics", the Cabarrus County Commissioners decided tonight to indefinitely table a resolution to censure their fellow Commissioner Coy Privette.It was clear to everyone attending that this was a deal that they arranged and talked about before tonight. Even some TV reporters were convinced this was premeditated and told me so.

[fp'd by Betsy. Let's give the Cabarrus Republicans a brighter spotlight.]

Coy Privette isn't resigning (yet), Is set to be "censured".

The latest installment in the Coy Privette sex scandal soap. Check my earlier post for a recap on the story.

I had a blast at the County Commissioner meeting last night. It was hard not to laugh out loud and at one point I did.
The antics of Coy Privette are getting more and more ridiculous. All the other Commissioners really can't stand him anymore and it shows. At one point Commissioner White accused Privette of not being able to read and there were a lot of "testy" exchanges between Commissioner Carruth and Privette.

At the end of the evening all County Commissioners were set to publicly "censure" Mr. Privette.

The Privette circus is keeping its tent firmly pitched.

You might recall that Coy Privette last week announced his intent to resign as Cabarrus County Commissioner. It turns out that you're a fool if you believed him. Of course you're a fool if you ever believed him before, but I digress.
You see, the key word in his statement back then was "intent".
What it comes down to is that Mr. Privette will only resign if he gets to hand-pick his successor and if his home in Kannapolis gets sold.

In an article published in The Independent Tribune today, the Privette soap continues:

Privette, 74, said in a statement Tuesday that “a committee of non-partial community leaders” should be appointed to consider candidates for the seat he plans to vacate.

There's one problem. What Mr. Privette is demanding isn't even legal.

Talking the talk and walking the walk - Privette resigns

(A quick recap: Cabarrus County Commissioner and former state legislator Coy Privette pleaded guilty to 6 counts of aiding and abetting prostitution recently, yet refused to resign his Commissioner post. I decided to organize a protest at the County Commissioner meeting and started collecting emails from folks who wanted Privette to resign. I was planning on handing all those emails to Mr. Privette at the same meeting.)

As promised I showed up at the Cabarrus County governmental building this past Monday at 6 pm for my protest against Coy Privette. With me were 15 other folks. A smaller turnout than I had hoped for, but I guess it's better than nothing.

Republican Commissioner to people who elected him: screw you!

Take action and protest with me. More information at the end of this post.
If you need to catch up with the whole Coy Privette story, please read one of my earlier posts about this.

Coy Privette showed a big middle finger to his Party and his constituents today.
A statement he released clearly states he will not resign as County Commissioner.

"I realize the mistake I made in my private life affects my reputation. This mistake has been dealt with, and I am ready to move forward," the Republican said in an e-mail to area reporters.
"I intend to continue to serve the citizens of Cabarrus County."

Charlotte Observer tells Republican County Commissioner to resign

The Charlotte Observer published an editorial today that asks Coy Privette to resign.
It's nice to see a newspaper getting it exactly right and saying what I've been thinking as well:

his criminal actions highlight a lack of judgment. He championed morals to fuel his political career, and clearly did not practice what he preached.

My day in court with a former republican state legislator - guilty as charged!

Today was our republican Cabarrus County Commissioner, former state legislator and preacher Coy Privette's day in court after being charged with 6 counts of "aiding and abetting" prostitution back in July.
I decided to get up early and go watch this circus.

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