Crazy Republicans

What happened in Raleigh on Wednesday?

NC House passed legislation called the "Possum Drop" bill
6% (3 votes)
NC Senate removed hundreds of millions of dollars from state economy
0% (0 votes)
NC House committee raised taxes on poor while cutting taxes for the rich
0% (0 votes)
NC House told hundreds of thousands to DROP DEAD by rejecting Medicaid expansion
0% (0 votes)
NC House committee voted to send women only (not men) to prison for showing their nipples
4% (2 votes)
Sweet mother of mercy... all of the above
90% (45 votes)
Total votes: 50

"Freedom Fries" Jones regrets the war !

File this under "a little late" to make a difference, but Walter Jones, 3rd Congressional District of North Carolina now regrets his vote on the Iraq war. Yes folks, this Dem turned Repub (his solution to getting elected in 1994 during the Clinton Bashing Campaign) now thinks that we should not have gone to war with Iraq.

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