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GOP healthcare: cut legitimate services while funding anti-abortion "clinics"

To seem rather than to be:

The North Carolina legislature is once again deceiving the public. While cutting appropriations for essential social programs and services, the recently released Senate budget proposal includes an increase in funding for the Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship. This anti-abortion organization sustains more than half of North Carolina’s so-called crisis pregnancy centers.

North Carolina currently has more than 120 CPCs. These centers masquerade as medical facilities, with fancy ultrasound machines and staff members wearing scrubs and lab coats. Yet the vast majority of these centers employ no trained medical professionals. Their goal is ideological, not medical: to convince women not to terminate their pregnancies and to dissuade them from using birth control.

This story is just screaming for a Sixty Minutes-style exposé, with hidden cameras and a battery of basic medical questions, just to show the level of deceit and incompetence. It's the least our society should be prepared to do as a safeguard for women.

New regulation needed for "crisis pregnancy centers"

Women deserve better:

Chapel Hill’s town council has adopted a resolution calling on the General Assembly to promote unbiased medical information for pregnant women, free of what it calls the intimidation and harassment in “crisis pregnancy centers” – organizations that attempt to persuade women not to have abortions.

And here are a few words from NARAL Pro-Choice in NC:

Biased and misleading information

Imagine the outcry if North Carolina created a special breast cancer license plate to support organizations that agree to deny women information, referrals or counseling about the medical options available to treat breast cancer. Substitute pregnancy for breast cancer and, in essence, this is what activists rallying in Raleigh this week to pass “Choose Life” license plates want.

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