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Forest and the trees

Our own village idiot has been out and about this week, opining about the sad state of teacher pay.

The Greensboro News & Record reported that Forest told a group of conservative activists that North Carolina teacher salaries are “shameful” and that the state should have the highest paid teachers in the country.

Forest said that could be done without a tax hike, but as the News & Record reported, raising teacher pay to the highest in the country would cost at least $2.3 billion, which is about the budget for the entire university system and about twice as much as we currently spend on community colleges.

Too bad nobody actually cares what Dan Forest thinks.


Renovation of Lt Gov Office

Interesting twitter exchange today with someone called @NCHometownGirl, who apparently is a shill for LtGov Dan Forrest Gump. Which in itself raises the question, does he prefer Forrest or Lieutenant Dan?

Republican contempt for youth voters is nothing new

Crossposted from the YDNC Blog...

Since Governor Pat McCrory signed House Bill 589 into law on August 12, our State has witnessed a litany of attacks on voters - especially young voters.

The best little whorehouse in North Carolina

In our brave new world of Republican extremism in North Carolina, insults to decency come fast and furious. But even still, I couldn't decide whether to laugh or cry when I read this post by Lynn Bonner Under the Dome yesterday.

Americans for Prosperity is preparing a campaign to sell the public on the legislature's plan to change the tax code. AFP representatives and Lt. Gov. Dan Forest will announce the effort at a Tuesday news conference, said AFP state executive director Dallas Woodhouse. The legislature has not presented a detailed plan, though legislators have outlined general principles ... a role for Forest has not been defined, Woodhouse said.

Election update from Linda Coleman

Received via e-mail from Linda Coleman's campaign:

With approximately 50,000 provisional ballots left to be counted, we don’t yet know who will be North Carolina’s lieutenant governor. Dan Forest and the state’s tea-partiers are clinging to an 11,300 vote lead. I think we’ve got the votes to catch up, and we’re working hard to make sure every vote is tallied.

More below the fold.

Voter Integrity Project uses invalid form of address

If the Voter Integrity Project were a registered voter its vote could be successfully challenged on the basis that it uses forms of address not recognized as valid by the US Postal Service, which can cause mail to be returned to senders as “Undeliverable”. This anomaly serves to highlight the dangers to voter access posed by various gratuitously strict matching requirements that have been proposed for forms of identity verification for in-person voting.

The right wing Voter Integrity Project, which has been challenging voter registrations in NC, uses an address form that gives the illusion of a physical address but which is actually a Private Mail Box (PMB) at a Raleigh UPS Store.

Gurley men with a dash of Tedesco

With a week to go to the Republican primary runoff election for lieutenant governor and early voting underway a small custom super PAC, "A True Direction Committee", better described as a micro PAC, popped up to support Tony Gurley in his race against Dan Forest. The committee was organized June 28th by Daniel Spuller, political consultant and, fundraiser for Wake Tech Community College. There are two modest initial contributions to the committee, a $38 in-kind contribution from Spuller and $2,500 from Gurley's Medical Supply LLC in Durham, a company recently set up by Tony Gurley's brother and often business partner Danny Gurley. Because of the closeness of the election the full extent of contributions and spending will likely not be known until after the election.

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