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My thoughts on the NCDP ED controversy

I've sat patiently while watching events go by, largely talking to my friends and refraining from commenting in public other than to refute the usual Voller-haters (who were also Parker-haters two years ago). But I do feel I must make a few comments on the whole ED firing/Dr. Ben Chavis matter.

Previous Chairs largely made the selection of ED, with their selection validated by the Executive Council. Certainly some ED candidates were trotted around to various constituency groups - including elected officials - but the Chairs largely made the choices on their own. The job of the ED is not to be a celebrity - it's to be a competent administrator of the Party for the officers, delegates, electeds/candidates and donors. A good ED should follow the directives set by the Chair and the SEC and Executive Council at the state level, and the CEC and the elected county-level officers (the "board") at the county level. Their job should be to properly administer the Party so that the officers and delegates can decide what the party stands for and elect candidates who can turn that party platform into public policy.

The Parkerization of the Democratic Party

The General Assembly on Jones Street continues to churn out legislation that fails to nourish the state’s people, but rather serves them up a starvation diet while the GOP serves their corporate masters at ALEC the laws they want for maximizing corporate profits. The GOP on Jones Street has fifty card carrying members of ALEC among its numbers, and they serve Tarheels only a future prepared for them in the corporate blender which no one wants to drink.

The next NC Democratic Party chair

As many of you know, my wife Jane has been hosting a monthly political salon for almost 20 years now. Last night we had our annual potluck, and I led a discussion of North Carolina politics ... which was undeniably depressing.

The only bright spot in the discussion was an absolute consensus that the North Carolina Democratic Party has a unique opportunity to rebuild itself from the ground up. That consensus shined a white-hot spotlight on the importance of the next Chair. There was also a general agreement that the party leadership is and has been severely out of touch with grass-roots Democrats (all of us), and missing-in-action when it comes to social media engagement.

With that last point in mind, I am extending a personal invitation to any candidate for NCDP Chair to join us at BlueNC for a public discussion about your vision for the Party.
In the event that you are not already actively engaged in the socialsphere, this is your opportunity to demonstrate a willingness to dive in and develop new skills. All you need to do is register and post a comment on this thread telling us that you're interested. I will then contact you to schedule something at your convenience.

NCDP Chair?

Well it's official - David Parker is not going to run for re-election as NCDP Chair. I sincerely had hoped he'd run for re-election because, without a DNC Convention to make folks lose their minds (and perspective) he might have actually had a chance to do some serious party-building from the grassroots up.

So now the next question is - who will run for the office of NCDP Chair? Folks have floated several names around for the last few weeks since the November general election:

Eric Mansfield
Linda Coleman
Sarah Anderson
Don Vaughn
Cal Cunningham
Randy Voller
Frank Eaton

Thanks, Chairman Parker!!

@NCCapTonight The @NCDemPartry only raised $2,700 in indiv. donations in Q2. The .@NCGOP raises about $212K. ‪#ncpol

Tell me again how "fundraising is just fine"?

Politico Hit Piece-On NCDP

The attacks on Parker, which were predicted, are supposedly validated in this hit piece, written by some folks here in NC who do not share any liking for David Parker. It is a piece of trash and many here know who helped with this tripe.

Politico: Democrats go to Plan B in North Carolina By: Alexander Burns and Maggie Haberman, June 1, 2012 04:12 PM EDT; http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0612/76966.html

Who didn't see this coming?

Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder even saw this coming.


Why didn't anybody else?

Charlotte Observer's take on David Parker

The Observer's editorial board which is pretty good on our issues, blisters Parker and the events of this past Saturday

Parker’s self-centered decision to stay on as party chairman despite his role in it (sexual harassement scandal), are embarrassing the Democrats and threaten to hurt the very candidates Parker is supposed to help elect.

read more at: Charlotte Observer

They also ran a pretty good editorial cartoon:

Some Dems fret, GOP gloats over divided NC Party after SEC vote

NCCapitol profile from WRAL.com

Tonight's story: Democratic leaders fret (and the GOP gloats) over the defiance of #ncdem chair David Parker:

Supporters said Parker was the victim of a conspiracy by elected officials. Some say the conspiracy had to do with [how] party funding is divided. Others said Parker was scapegoated because the same-sex harassment came to light just three weeks before a ballot initiative to ban same-sex unions...

I have been following the controversy on this blog, and I have not wanted to jump in. No one would with the level of animosity that has prevailed over productive discussion. To give an opinion has been to invite attack.

I agree with James that it is counterproductive--as well as mean spirited--to continue the name calling and spewing of venom against fellow Democrats and fellow Progressives.

Parker Rightfully Won, the Royalists Were Defeated, Get Behind Him!

Ok folks, fun's over.

The Gov, COS, and the consultants ran a power play, and lost, flat lost. The right person won. Now, get behind him, there are a number of elections to win this year.

I watch a lot of people carp and dither about this and that. Go down to your local Democratic Party HQ and do the phone work, the canvassing, the voter registration, the data entry, and all the other scut work to get Obama elected, and oh by the way, all of the local and state candidates. Dont like that, then get off your butts and go raise funds, we really need them. If you do not understand that this is a fight to the death, and that it will only end in our death as a political entity, you are not helping, you are likely the opposition.

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