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2013 Legislative Breakfast

Legislative Breakfast featuring invited keynote speakers
Congressman David Price and State Senator Josh Stein

The Orange County Democratic Party, in partnership with the Orange County Democratic Women, presents the Orange County Democratic Party’s Annual Legislative Breakfast. In this critical rebuilding year, please join Orange County Democrats as they meet, greet, and hear from our local candidates and prepare for Election 2014. This will surely be a rallying event for area progressives as we set out sights on re-electing Senator Kay Hagan and making gains in the North Carolina General Assembly. More information will be released, including candidate appearances, as we approach the date.

Bob Etheridge & David Price address concerns about the NC GOP

Saturday morning (Feb. 9th) the Harold Ellen Harnett County Democratic Men's Club hosted their annual Groundhog breakfast. David Price who now represents a portion of Harnett County was the keynote speaker and Bob Etheridge was master of ceremonies. Each spoke about the future of the Democratic Party and the dangers of the GOP in Raleigh and Washington.

David Price @ Huffington Post

David Price has a solid piece up at Huffington Post, decrying the fire sale of democracy triggered by Citizens United.

Why I hate politics

Thom Tillis is laughing his ass off already.

The potential for a Democratic primary in May between two old political allies is already fraying a friendship that reaches back decades. Miller has begun questioning whether Price is too cozy with corporations, and the Price camp has leaked a poll raising doubts about Miller's support.

Brad Miller vs. David Price


As some of you know, I live in the 4th district. My representative is David Price. Due to the new redistricting map drawn up by the GOTEA, Rep. Brad Miller may be forced to run against Rep. Price in 2012. This article talks about how Brad Miller has been a champion of liberal causes and it makes me wonder who I would vote for if it came down to these two fine reps running against each other.

I am curious to hear your views on this issue.

Congressman Price condemns Republican bigotry

Will the economic terrorists win?

UPDATE: The terrorists won.

Big vote today. All in favor of surrendering to Republican economic terrorists, please vote "aye."

I'm calling David Price and Kay Hagan today to tell them to vote against this monstrosity. Whether you're for or against, do your duty too. Make the calls.

Epic fail

Voting against extending tax breaks to multimillionaires is easy to explain, as Representative Louise Slaughter does below in exactly 118 words. On the other hand, justifying a vote for "the deal" takes more than 2000. Just to say it, I can see that going along with Republicans is anything but a lose-lose strategy. It's destroying the Democrat's political base, and it's destroying the U.S. economy. The House of Representatives didn't just blink in the face of this Republican shakedown, it totally caved.

NC-4: BJ Lawson in his own words

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