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Democratic primary alternatives to oligarch-servant Hagan

There are two alternatives to Kay Hagan in the Democratic primary.

Chasing the votes of white men

Ones Who Got Away: White Men

NY Times

“Realistically, winning votes from working-class white men has just been a very tough political challenge for Democrats,” said Geoff Garin, a Democratic pollster. With demographic trends favoring Democrats nationally and in many states, strategists say it makes sense to concentrate resources on mobilizing women, young people, Hispanics, blacks and other minority voters.

Democrats generally win the votes of fewer than four in 10 white men. But they win eight of 10 minority voters and a majority of women, who have been a majority of the national electorate since 1984, while white men have shrunk to a third, and are still shrinking.

Understanding the roles various democratic political entities in elections

Many NC Democrats think that the NCDP runs all elections in North Carolina. Historically, the election responsibilities have been divided as follows:

1.) The NC House and Senate Caucuses recruit candidates for their districts, develop the election strategy, hire the political campaign consultants and raise funds to get them elected;

2.) The NC Democratic Party responsibility is to work principally for the election of the President and US Senators;

3.) Political campaign consults, like lawyers are in the business to make money and like some lawyers, they may take hopeless cases as long as the money is there;

4.) There may or may not be coordination of activities between these four entities.

I have been repeatedly told this is how election have been done by Democrats in NC by my members of the General Assembly. I don't doubt that they are correct.

Groundhog Breakfast to Kick Off the Political Season

The Harnett County Democratic Men's Club will be holding their annual Groundhog breakfast Saturday, February 8th. Breakfast will begin at 8:30. The keynote speaker this year will be retired Chief Judge of the North Carolina Court of Appeals, Gerald Arnold. This year the club will honor all of the past county chairs that have worked tirelessly to promote Democratic Party principals and elect good Democrats to office, from the local to national level. With the first day to file for office Monday, expect a number of perspective candidates to be in attendance. All Democrats are cordially invited to join the gathering. The event will be held at the Government Complex in Lillington.

AG Cooper posts campaign stump speech at HuffPost

Attorney General Roy Cooper, who was previously announced as a keynote speaker at the Equality NC gala, seems to have gone into full campaign mode, posting an op-ed that suspiciously sounds like a stump speech at Huffington Post.

But what may be even more important is the effect those policies have on a state's self- image and what it shows to the rest of the world. North Carolina has had much success for fifty years, not just because we were on the leading edge of change in the American south, but also because we embraced this change as a natural part of our state's heritage and history.

2013 Legislative Breakfast

Legislative Breakfast featuring invited keynote speakers
Congressman David Price and State Senator Josh Stein

The Orange County Democratic Party, in partnership with the Orange County Democratic Women, presents the Orange County Democratic Party’s Annual Legislative Breakfast. In this critical rebuilding year, please join Orange County Democrats as they meet, greet, and hear from our local candidates and prepare for Election 2014. This will surely be a rallying event for area progressives as we set out sights on re-electing Senator Kay Hagan and making gains in the North Carolina General Assembly. More information will be released, including candidate appearances, as we approach the date.

The Hill: 'Weak state parties in the South risk hurting Democrats'

Under the Dome post by Rob Christensen:

The Hill

is reporting that "weak state parties in the South risk hurting Democrats’ chances of holding — or gaining — critical Senate seats in 2014.'

The article by the Cameron Joseph says that struggles in Louisiana, Georgia, and North Carolina "could force national Democrats, and the candidates themselves, to step in with big-dollar investments to build get-out-the-vote programs that are often left to the party’s state-level operations.''

“There’s a lot of drama in all of those places,” said one national Democratic strategist. “That means a lot more responsibility for coordinated campaigns in those states and really elevates the importance of field programs, things that are traditionally done by those state parties.”

Turning Moral Mondays into Action!

I read with excitement that the next Moral Monday’s theme will be centered on voting rights. As we are facing an up-hill battle with legislation aimed at weakening the minority and young vote in North Carolina, I began to think of another way activists can work to change things.

It may not be as glamorous or it may not be as exciting as the actual rally, but what many of our Counties, cities and precincts need is some good old fashioned canvassing, door knocking, voting registration drives and meetings with constituents to start building a new and improved voting partnership of like-minded individuals.

So attend Moral Monday if you are able and let the world see how much support there is for common sense reform and legislation in North Carolina. When you come home, reflect on the event and then begin to think of ways we can bring this energy and enthusiasm from Raleigh to every nook and cranny of our great state.

Today's Teen Democrats

June 2, 2013: This weekend commemorated the North Carolina Association of Teen Democrats 50th Annual Convention. Since 1963 our members have gained valuable skills, from public speaking to organization, and I nearly experienced a culture shock when looking bad at pictures from the 1964 Teen Democrats convention. Deanne Brickhouse stands in front of a house with other teenagers, holding a large sign supporting his Vice-President election. Another picture shows students working on posters with cartoons holding signs saying "Tucker for Vice President." They were all white, properly dressed and more nuclear than Beaver. Forty nine years later at Haw River State Park the Teen Democrats represent a new kind of political youth. Everyone's not white, not men, not wealthy, not straight. We're not all liberal, and we don't all have political goals.

TODAY: NC Teen Democrats Host 50th Annual Political Summit

Teen Democrats Hold 50th Annual Convention in Browns Summit

Raleigh, May 25, 2013: The North Carolina Association of Teen Democrats will hold their 50th Annual Convention at Haw River State Park, accompanied by the first annual North Carolina Youth Political Summit. Groups from Asheville to Nags Head will be coming to hear from prominent political leaders as well as to elect officers of the state-wide organization.

The event begins on Friday, May 31 at 6 PM with dinner and orientation to acquaint new and old members from across North Carolina. Saturday morning, North Carolina Representatives Marcus Brandon and Pricey Harrison will conduct an open forum. This leads into a reception open to the public at 11:00 AM with College Democrats of America President Tori Taylor, Greensboro City Council Candidate Jamal Fox, and former US Senate Candidate Jim Neal speaking on the many achievements of the Teen Democrats.

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