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If the Democratic Party wants to regain control of the state legislature as well as congressmen and senators, they need to make some basic changes! For a start, quit having so many committees and meetings and follow the example of Jesse Helms. Establish in each county a "HELP DESK" manned by volunteers from the local party and use the help desk concept to begin to develop a deep and sincere relationship between the party and the individual citizens in each county. A Help Desk will in the long run, produce a deeper relationship between the party and the people.

Why I'm Running for NC Democratic Party Chairman

Wayne Goodwin for NC Democratic Party Chairman

I’m a North Carolina Democrat.

Like for so many folks, a good strong public education and programs created by Democrats helped me succeed in life. My public school teachers, my church and my family raised me in rural Richmond County and made me who I am today.

In fact, there hasn’t been a time when politics – the art of the possible – did not mean a great deal to me.

What is the difference between a public servant and a politician?

Sometimes we need to remember that there are men and women of integrity that serve our local communities, state and nation. When our elected officials are discouraged they need to remember those that came before them and set the right example.

"Another friend, former North Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice Burley Mitchell, said Morgan voted to give the Panama Canal back to Panama in the late 1970s even though he knew it was unpopular back home.

Another Reason to Vote Democratic

The hard right doesn’t want to govern, they want to rule. And they want to rule right now.

One of the millions of articles on the resignation of Speaker John Boehner commented that:

Boehner’s tormentors refused to accept the limits of his political power.

They refuse to accept the limits of his political power.

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