Deputy Assistant Governor McCrory


Someone asked today what DAG stands for, in reference to Pat McCrory.

It stands for Deputy Assistant Governor.

North Carolina is first state to cut welfare amid federal shutdown.

The DAG and Wos find another way to embarrass the state and keep "those" people in their place.

North Carolina has become the first state to cut off welfare benefits to poor residents in the wake of the partial federal government shutdown, ordering a halt to processing November applications until a deal is reached to end the federal standstill. Read full story at Reuters

The Show goes on

In case you missed it.

A progressive alternative to Art Pope's destructive tax reform plan

Details below the fold.

  1. Reduce the sales/consumption tax on all products and services to zero.
  2. Take businesses out of the hot seat when it comes to managing tax revenues.
  3. Eliminate the corporate income tax.
  4. Expand the state income tax structure with an additional bracket at the top for those earning more than $400,000 annually.
  5. Eliminate all deductions on state income taxes. No one will ever need a tax accountant to complete the simple short form that would remain in place.
  6. Tax dividends and investment income as ordinary income at the state level.

Pat McCrory: breaking his campaign promises in record time

Although Pat McCrory campaigned as a "political outsider" who would root out special interests and reject "business as usual," the truth is this: before he even took office, McCrory had broken his campaign promises and surrounded himself with veterans of the good ole boy network.

Progress North Carolina has set up a special website to catalogue the proof of this. Please share our new accountability website graphics with others so people understand: we need to watch this guy closely. See the website here. Or you can review its contents after the jump.

Within days of winning the election, Pat McCrory broke his campaign promise to keep special interests out of state government. He has surrounded himself with veterans of the good ole boy network and plunged headlong into conflicts of interest unbecoming of our state’s highest office.

Sunday thinking: Bargaintown

In the wake of Governor Pope's inauguration yesterday, editorial writers across the state are wondering aloud just what we can expect from the new regime. Readers of BlueNC don't need to wonder at all. We know exactly what North Carolina can expect. Our state is being methodically recrafted into a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mr. Pope's sprawling retail empire: Variety Wholesalers.

It doesn't take much intellect to understand the principles of slum merchandising. One need only look at Pope's proven business model.

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