Deputy Assistant Governor Pat McCrory

Pat McCrony - Presidential candidate in 2016?

The NY Times Magazine cover of "planet Hillary" got me thinking recently about the field for the Republicans in 2016 and how laughable their potential candidates are.

Mitt seems to be self-deluded into thinking that he just had the wrong advertising, forgetting that it's going to be tough to shake off his image as an out of touch billionaire after his leaked video fiasco. I don't see Mittens running again.

The RNC did a straw poll of potential candidates and none seem to have any realistic chance of succeeding.

Your Republican Governor

Richard (RJ) Eskow was on Fox Business with Neil Cavuto recently. Since New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is positioning himself to run for president as a moderate Republican and since Fox Republicans can't have that, Cavuto invited Eskow on to bash Christie for him.

They still don't get it

Casting Art Pope in a servile role:

Yet, McLennan said, the governor can choose other ways to influence lawmakers, he said, noting he has some powerful options, such as his budget chief, longtime Republican donor Art Pope. "I think Art Pope is going to be the kind of power broker in the executive mansion to try to move the House and Senate for the governor. He is working for the governor, not House or the Senate," he said.

Nobody dispatches the Pope on errands. When he goes back and forth, it will be his own agenda that is being served. He's spent too many years constructing an imaginary free-market paradise for the wealthy in his mind, and he's not going to squander this opportunity to pursue the goals of lesser men.

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