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White smoke coming from Dix Hill

This is from an email I sent today to Rep. Jim Fulghum (R-Wake)
Sunday, March 31, 2013
White smoke coming from Dix Hill
An email I sent today to Rep. Jim Fulghum (R-Wake):

Rep. Fulghum,
You are obviously a thoughtful man, as evidenced by your letter-to-the-editor today. With all due respect, you may be missing some history, which I have had the opportunity to watch over my 20 years of lobbying in the NCGA.

Proper funding for mental health services has been an unattainable goal. We have seen many well-intentioned reforms of the reforms with only the patients being shortchanged. Over the years, the State of NC seemed only to respond to lawsuits in order to provide dollars.

If memory serves, among the only people who wanted Dix to close was former Rep. Jim Crawford from Oxford. Wake County legislators, local elected officials, mental health advocates and the public were vociferously opposed.

More chairs needed at the Dix negotiating table

3,000 more chairs, to be precise:

The county, spending $22 million a year on mental health, had “imbedded” care for those groups into widespread operations and clinics. Now each part of the care that Wake County had offered through its Human Services Department must be examined as part of the ongoing “divestiture.” That means some other private or nonprofit entity will likely take over the work through a contract with Alliance.

There appears to be a whole lot of potential cracks for these patients to fall through, and part of this park deal should be an agreement by the State and Raleigh/Wake to make sure that doesn't happen.

'Dismantling the Dix Legacy: The End of Compassion'

From Tom Campbell of NC Spin on his blog:

From a post titled 'Dismantling the Dix Legacy: The End of Compassion'

Leaders may call this mental health reform, believing providers closer to their homes should care for the mentally ill, but reform theories are not yet supported by proof. Noting the bungled care and wasteful expenditures of the initial reforms our lawmakers have taken the axe to mental health funding, stating we have neither the money nor the willingness to house these patients in mental hospitals.

Special for BlueNC - Resolutions for the upcoming NC Democratic Party SEC meeting

Following up on my overview blog post about results from 11 Statewide Regional Town meetings of the NC Democratic Party, here is the package of resolutions to be considered at Saturday's (Aug 25, 2007) State Executive Committee meeting in Greensboro. Please see my prior BlueNC post for more information about what is on the minds of Democrats statewide.

Dix 306

For those of you who live near Raleigh, or have driven here lately, you have probably seen some green signs popping up. These signs say "Dix 306" and little more. Well, what are they?

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