education reform

Presented for your consideration

If you care anything about the future of public education, watch this through to the end for a glimpse of what's coming your way. This video describing reform efforts in Illinois went viral over the weekend. The presenter already tried to walk it back. Too little, too late. A few comments from around the Web:

Schools Matter: For those who still believe that there is any way to trust, negotiate with, compromise with, or have any dealings with Ed Deform in any way that does not demand complete capitulation to the ed deformers, watch this video. Play it at your next union meeting, share it with the world.

When conversion comes

While I don't expect this to give pause to free-market extremists who know they are right about everything, it is reassuring to see a person of stature and influence come to grips with the question we should all be asking: What if I'm wrong?

Diane Ravitch, the education historian who built her intellectual reputation battling progressive educators and served in the first Bush administration’s Education Department, is in the final stages of an astonishing, slow-motion about-face on almost every stand she once took on American schooling.

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