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Motsinger's Clean Campaign

From Elisabeth Motsinger:

This evening, we will know who the voters of the 5th District of North Carolina have selected as your congresswoman for the next two years. You, my supporters, have been so generous with your time, your money, and your encouragement over the last year. You have inspired me--and even more importantly--the campaign's core staff and volunteers--to keep going when the going got rough, when we faced attack mailers from the incumbent, and a smear campaign from a disgruntled blogger.

Winston Salem Journal endorses Elisabeth Motsinger

Well done.

Rep. Foxx, who was first elected to Congress in 2004, represents the calcification of the political process and is therefore an impediment to reasoned political compromise, Motsinger has proved that she is willing to work with those with differing views.

Please join me in contributing here. Every bit helps.

Motsinger calls on Foxx to explain Welfare-to-Work reform

(Winston-Salem) Elisabeth Motsinger has called on her Congressional opponent to explain why she co-sponsored a bill that would gut welfare work requirements, while simultaneously criticizing President Obama and the Department of Health and Human Services for welfare reforms that she mistakenly claims would do the same thing.

Virginia Foxx co-sponsored HR 118, the Workforce Investment Improvement Act, which would allow states to combine moneys from state-federal employment and training funds into a single fund. According to the Congressional Research Service (CRS), the nonpartisan analysis arm of Congress, the bill would nullify federal eligibility requirements for those programs, including the work requirement.

“I am confused why Mrs. Foxx puts forth a bill that directly contradicts her criticisms of the president,” Motsinger said. “Citizens back here in the district have the right to an explanation.” Motsinger is running to unseat Foxx in North Carolina’s 5th District.

David vs. Goliath: U.S. Rep. Foxx has 135 Times More Cash on Hand than Opponent Elisabeth Motsinger

From the High Country Press

David vs. Goliath:’ U.S. Rep. Foxx has 135 Times More Cash on Hand than Opponent Elisabeth Motsinger

By Jesse Wood

Elizabeth Motsinger

Aug. 28, 2012. Vying for a seat in the U.S. House in November, Elisabeth Motsinger faces incumbent U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) at a serious disadvantage.

Foxx has 135 times more cash on hand than her opponent. The financial disparity is so striking that Motsinger has dubbed the race “David vs. Goliath.”

According to the latest quarterly campaign finance reports filed with the Federal Election Commission, Motsinger had $11,000 “cash on hand.” As of June 30, Foxx had $1.5 million in her coffers.

“Well, it is a huge gap if you believe elections should be bought and paid for. I don’t,” Motsinger said. “The big question is as American people, do we really want our votes paid for?”

Elisabeth Motsinger Challenges Virginia Foxx to Debate

Elisabeth Motsinger has challenged Virginia Foxx to a series of debates prior to the Nov. 6 election. Motsinger has accepted invitations from Wake Forest University, Lenoir-Rhyne University, Appalachian State University, Salem College, and Kids Voting USA at Sparta Elementary School. Up to five additional debates are expected to be confirmed soon. Motsinger and Foxx are opponents for U.S. Congress from the 5th District.

Gallup Poll Says It All: Time for Change in Congress

Elisabeth Motsinger responded to the latest Gallup Poll showing public approval of Congress is tied at an all-time low, saying, “This is a good illustration of why I will win in November.” Motsinger is challenging Virginia Foxx for North Carolina’s 5th district seat in Congress.

“Clearly, it is time for a change,” Motsinger said. “My opponent does not support policies that serve her constituents. Her votes do not reflect our North Carolina values.”

A poll was released Tuesday showing Congress currently has an approval rating of only 10 percent, tying the record-low score set in February of this year. Based on telephone interviews conducted August 9-12, the score is the lowest in the 38 years that Gallup has measured public approval of Congress. (The Gallup Poll is available at http://www.gallup.com/poll/156662/Congress-Approval-Ties-Time-Low.aspx)

Family values in action: The candidate's son hits the campaign trail

Whether he's riding his 2005 Honda motorcycle or driving whatever car is available in the family, John Motsinger, Jr. -- youngest son of Elisabeth Motsinger, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress -- is logging miles for his mom this summer. And the campaign trail does not end for the college senior until after the November election. John Jr. is taking the semester off from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro to devote all his time and attention to his mother's campaign.

"Our country is at a crossroads politically," John Jr. says. "If I am not putting everything I have into the political arena right now, I am hurting myself in the long run."

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