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Elon Poll: 61% oppose Amendment One

The more people learn about Amendment One, the more they dislike it:

The Elon University Poll results released today show that 61% of North Carolinians say they oppose an amendment that would prevent any same sex marriages, domestic partnerships or civil unions.

But this doesn't mean all the hard work you folks have been doing is over. It just means that it's working, that people are being educated. Here's another intelligent Republican who opposes this generational mistake:

Elon Poll: Raise taxes before you cut state employees

Again, the cell phone people make a difference:

To take care of this budget shortfall, would you [support or oppose] eliminating jobs for current state


That's 56% who are against cutting state government employees. Not just teachers, all of them.

Maybe we should all go pro

This week's Exile on Jones Street column,fresh from the actual, printed pages of The Carrboro Citizen.

Maybe we should all go pro.

When it comes to sports, this is that time of year I most dislike. This is when those thin walls that separate college and professional athletics come down and we start seeing dollar figures instead of majors and year in school in the descriptive clauses of individuals who’ve played loyally for our chosen schools.

Tea Leaves

New Elon Poll is Out - Larry Kissell's lead is Confirmed! UPDATED

Don't pop open the champagne yet, but you might want to put some on ice. Use this poll as motivation to get out there and convince those undecideds that they need to vote for an honest man, an humble man. They need and want to vote for Larry Kissell.

The Elon University Poll, as reported by Dr. Hunter Bacot - yes, the same man who previously said this district wasn't in play and wasn't even on their radar (heh, heh, gloat, gloat) basically confirms the poll numbers release a couple of days ago by RT Strategies.

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