Eric Mansfield

Mansfield withdraws from NCDP Chair race

The Twitterverse and Facebook lit up this morning with news that Eric is withdrawing from the race, citing a family health concern.

Eric leaves the race

My friend, Eric Mansfield, is a great public servant and a true leader for our state. While I am sad that this chapter must come to a close, I hope he will continue to find ways to serve — after he stands by his Mother during her time of need. He offered a message for our Party that needed to be heard. When he was attacked in recent weeks he maintained his sense of grace and optimism about our Party. Eric has a bright future ahead despite the claims of some who would drive our Party to irrelevancy in a quest for absolutism.

I hope that a great candidate will emerge for Party Chair. We need a Chair who offers a new plan for our Party, something I have not seen as of yet.


When I announced for Chair of our great Democratic Party I said that we must develop a strategy that would lead to greater mobilization, inspiring messaging, increased fundraising and a Party that was mended.

NCDP Chair Candidates share the podium in Chapel Hill meeting.

Just a few remarks from the Randy Voller/Eric Mansfield conversation tonight in Chapel Hill, not in any special order of importance, and hopefully, presented in a manner that the candidate will not find objectionable.

Eric Mansfield Folded on Fayetteville and Sold Out to Time Warner Cable


As some of you might know I was a lobbyist for SEATOA (Southeastern Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors) who fought against Time Warner Cable and the rest of the telecom companies here in NC. We fought to preserve the right of municipalities to deploy their own networks to provide services being denied to them, their residents and businesses. While we had some victories in Wilson, Salisbury and Davidson, we ultimately lost this fight to a billion dollar industry. Cities that had plans and were not grandfathered into the bill were left out to dry and put at a competitive disadvantage. Cities that had already started to make investments or had made them in full already were stonewalled and forced to lose their investment. Fayetteville is one such city.

Eric Mansfield releases "Our Plan"

Eric Mansfield released the first version of his plan to rebuild our Democratic Party, but it really is a plan that belongs to all of us. After hundreds of conversations the plan represents a vision for the Party that many of us share. I trust that by the time he speaks with all of us even more ideas will emerge!


I have spoken to many of you in recent weeks and I have been encouraged by your optimism, your hope and your faith in our state and our Democratic Party. Based on hundreds of conversations with SEC members and party supporters I believe that the simple, powerful idea that we're all in this together has to be basis of our work – not just a slogan.

Please check out the latest version of our plan to move the Democratic Party forward: It is our plan because I believe many of its best parts come from your suggestions. It is a plan inspired and informed by your call for action on how to build our party.

NCDP Chairman Candidates Forum , January 12, 2013 , New Bern, North Carolina

Jan 12 2013 1:00 pm
Jan 12 2013 3:00 pm

A candidates forum for the office of NCDP Chairman will be held on January 12, 2013 in New Bern NC.
The event will be held at the Golden Corral , 400 Hotel Drive.

Both candidates for the office, Eric Mansfield and Randy Voller will be attending and speaking.

A Dutch Treat lunch will begin at 1 pm , followed by the program starting at 2 pm.

Both candidates will have 30 mins to speak and answer questions from the audience about their vision for the future of the North Carolina Democratic Party.

All SEC members and interested democrats are welcome.

If you would like to attend, please RSVP to

Hope to see you there.

If you could vote today, who would you support for NCDP Chair?

The next NC Democratic Party chair

As many of you know, my wife Jane has been hosting a monthly political salon for almost 20 years now. Last night we had our annual potluck, and I led a discussion of North Carolina politics ... which was undeniably depressing.

The only bright spot in the discussion was an absolute consensus that the North Carolina Democratic Party has a unique opportunity to rebuild itself from the ground up. That consensus shined a white-hot spotlight on the importance of the next Chair. There was also a general agreement that the party leadership is and has been severely out of touch with grass-roots Democrats (all of us), and missing-in-action when it comes to social media engagement.

With that last point in mind, I am extending a personal invitation to any candidate for NCDP Chair to join us at BlueNC for a public discussion about your vision for the Party.
In the event that you are not already actively engaged in the socialsphere, this is your opportunity to demonstrate a willingness to dive in and develop new skills. All you need to do is register and post a comment on this thread telling us that you're interested. I will then contact you to schedule something at your convenience.

Is Eric Mansfield the guy to beat for NCDP Chair?

From Dan Besse's Facebook page:

I've spoken directly with Eric Mansfield and encouraged him to run for N.C. Democratic Party chair. I believe that he will do so, and I look forward to supporting him when he does. I think he has what it takes to work with all Democrats in restoring the effectiveness of our state party organization--which is something we badly need in order to fight back against the avalanche of right-wing disasters about to be unleashed on our state.

I've talked with Eric only once, but having studied his campaign and career, I tend to agree with Dan's assessment. I don't care whether his candidacy came from grassroots, from on high, or somewhere in between, he seems like a great choice. I just wish he could start yesterday.

Closing Argument: The Choice for Veterans and Military Families

BlueNC Friends,

After dozens of events across North Carolina since the DNC, our Veterans for Obama group has written a concluding piece about why we think the choice on election day is clear: President Obama has been a strong Commander-in-Chief, who believes that responsibly ending war means honoring those who have been called upon to serve in it.

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