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Simple-minded or intentionally distracting?

The NC GOP garners more embarassing national attention:

Whom did you people elect? The people with the brightest bulbs for a nose? The people with the biggest, floppiest shoes? Does every member of the Republican majority in your legislature all arrive at work every morning in the same tiny car?

The writer references three pieces of legislation in this story; the cursive writing bill, the nutty religious freedom resolution, and the effort to punish parents for allowing their college-student children to vote. Only one of those has a chance to seriously impact our rights and, in doing so, it could contribute to even more outrages down the road. Which one is it? Here's a clue:

NC GOP garners more embarassing national attention

Not that NC Republicans read Esquire Magazine, but still:

Naturally, if you make the unemployed even more desperate more quickly, the "job creators" will respond by hiring all of them at the same wages they were being paid before they were laid off, or even perhaps at a higher wage, because that is the way "job creators" always have operated in this exceptional country of ours. Otherwise, one might suggest that the governor has decided that it's North Carolina's turn to prance around in Mississippi drag.

As much as I hate to say it, I think we can expect much more negative national attention, and probably more than our fair share of negative international attention. But I doubt it will have much impact on the behavior of Republicans here, as reality isn't their strong suit.

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