Burr and Hagan split on disaster relief

And if you don't already know the difference between the two, you haven't been paying attention:

A bill that would earmark $6.9 billion dollars for disaster relief failed to get enough votes to move forward in the U.S. Senate Tuesday, with Republican North Carolina Senator Richard Burr voting against and Democratic Senator Kay Hagan voting in favor.

The crop losses from Irene are the worst many of our farmers have seen in decades, yet their Senator keeps whining about offsets:

On Living Up To Your Words, Or, Tornado? That’s Not In The Constitution.

There are lots of big tough words coming out of our friends in the Tea Party these days, especially when it comes to the permissible functions of the Federal Government.

”If it’s not specifically enumerated in the Constitution,” they say, “It must be a function of the States—and the 10th Amendment says so!”

None are tougher in their language than those living in the States located below the old Mason-Dixon line—and by an amazing coincidence, just this weekend pretty much all of those States got a bit of a “gut check” in the form of dozens of tornados that slammed into the area.

So we’re going to put the Tea Party philosophy to the test today, and see just what exactly the Federal Government should—and should not—be doing to fulfill the Tea Party vision and to help those folks who were hit by this particular natural disaster.

Miller Googles Google

Most of us have used Google Maps, either to find out how to get from point "A" to point "B", or just to take a look at a place we've never been. It seems that some how, the post-Katrina satellite pictures of New Orleans have been replaced with pre-Katrina pictures.

Brad Miller,NC-13, chair of the sub-committee on investigations for the House Committee for Science and Techology wants to know why.

"Google's use of old imagery appears to be doing the victims of Hurricane Katrina a great injustice by airbrushing history," subcommittee chairman Brad Miller, D-North Carolina, wrote in a letter to Schmidt.(chair and CEO of Google, Inc.)

NC SB 260 Update- HPV Vaccine Researcher Blasts Marketing

NC lawmakers haven't learned from the Vioxx debacle. They have introduced legislation that will lend a great big helping hand to the Merck Pharma giant and encourage parents to let their children be used as guinea pigs.

I'm talking about Senate Bill 260, which is heading for the Senate floor soon. This bill will require schools to more or less advertise the Merck Gardasil vaccine for free, plus tell parents that this vaccine is appropriate for girls as young as 9.

While NC lawmakers fall for Merck's talking points, a lead researcher for the HPV vaccine cries foul:

Researcher blasts HPV marketing BY CINDY BEVINGTON

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