Hager tries to pull a fast one, gets caught

And we can all breathe easier, for now anyway:

"Representative Hager’s amendment removes the only statutory requirement for the EMC to move forward with regulation of air pollution from natural gas development. It does so without any legislative committee review or opportunity for public debate," McCallie wrote. Had the amendment remained attached to the bill, the state Senate could have sent the measure to the governor without a public hearing or committee examination.

"I really don't believe this amendment ought to be part of this bill," Rep. Chuck McGrady, R-Henderson, said of the measure. Hager shot back, saying, "Don't fool yourself ... this is about folks who don't like energy exploration."

Nice try, sport. Now put that ad hominem club back in the bag, and go home and lick your wounds.

Compulsory Pooling vs "condemnation"

Interesting twitter exchange this morning with Rep. Chuck McGrady concerning his proposed constitutional amendment which would supposedly limit the use of condemnation for other than "public use." Apparently he doesn't consider compulsory pooling to be the same as condemnation. That sounds like semantics to me.


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