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NC GOP tries to become immune from judicial checks and balances

The NC GOP, stung by a series of judicial rulings that their unconstitutional laws, isn't about to put up with that.

When judges get in their way of passing unconstitutional laws, Tillisberger just passes a new unconstitutional law.

After passing laws imposing new conditions on abortions and elections, taking away teacher tenure and providing vouchers for private school tuition, Republican state legislators have seen those policies stymied in state and federal courtrooms.

So they have passed another law, this one making those kinds of lawsuits less likely to succeed when filed in state court. Beginning in September, all constitutional challenges to laws will be heard by three-judge trial court panels appointed by the chief justice of the state Supreme Court.

Civitas continues its crusade against Gene Nichol

Like a pit bull, only stupider:

RALEIGH – Following a public records request, the Civitas Institute has published a new report that it says has revealed that the UNC Poverty Center used public resources to host a closed event which was political in nature and appears to have been blatantly partisan, in violation of the state laws on open government. A press release from Civitas goes on to say that “further review of the Poverty Center will likely show that North Carolina taxpayers have been subsidizing political organizing and activism, not higher education.

Tell you what, Francis: I might be willing to concede some of your points, if you and your colleagues had not been completely silent on the worst open government failure of the decade:

Faux-Libertarian uses the old "what are you afraid of?" excuse to justify invasion of privacy

The arrogance and hypocrisy is astounding:

“Surveilling a professor’s communications is a really troubling approach to protecting liberty,” the law professors wrote in a letter published Tuesday on the Chapel Hill News website and in the paper’s Wednesday print edition. “We deeply admire Gene Nichol’s commitment to protecting and speaking for the state’s poor and disempowered. The only comfort we take from this sorry request by Civitas is our confidence that it will increase his passion.”

“They’re all tenured law professors making big bucks, far more than I make,” De Luca said. “I don’t have any fancy degrees or anything. What are they scared of?”

Of course, we'll have to take your word for the difference in salaries, because the man pulling your strings doesn't make a habit out of releasing salary information on his puppets employees. But even if we knew, what the hell does that have to do with the price of tea in China? Are you saying the more money you make, the less your expectation of privacy should be? Because if that's the case, I think we should go ahead and submit FOIAs for all of Art Pope's communications since he's become a government bureaucrat. If he's done nothing wrong, he shouldn't be scared of that, right?

Civitas leader does hat-in-hand apology for doing his job

Apparently he didn't get the memo about IOKIYAR:

The president of the Civitas Institute is apologizing for a blog post he wrote last week and quickly deleted that accused Gov. Pat McCrory and his chief of staff of cronyism.

Francis De Luca posted his mea culpa Tuesday. "In trying to be vigilant against cronyism or even the appearance of cronyism— whether from the left or the right, liberals or conservatives, Democrats or Republicans — I made a mistake," he wrote, saying he skewed some facts in the original piece. "In talking about the event the Governor attended, I painted with too broad a brush by implying that an elected official’s appearance at an event involving organizations that lobby for state funds is tantamount to cronyism."

The only mistake you made was waiting this long to speak out about cronyism in DAG McCrory's administration. And now you've compounded that mistake by proffering an apology to a Republican for something you've done countless times to Democrats. It's called hypocrisy, Colonel. If you look back to some of the stuff you wrote during the Perdue and Easley administrations, you'll probably find that word used a lot, and it might jog your memory.

Civitas goes looking for voter fraud. Can't find any.

Fran and the kids at Civitas have been on a witch hunt lately, trying to find evidence of voter fraud. As Progressive Pulse points out today, the one example Civitas has found (1) is not an example of voter fraud and (2) is not the result of any action taken by the citizen in question. The "fraud" was nothing more than a clerical error.

But don't hold your breath waiting for Colonel Fran to correct the error in the blog post, just like you shouldn't hold your breath waiting for an apology for his infamous seat-belt screw up.

When I was trained as an officer in the Navy, lying was not part of the syllabus. Looks like they did things differently in the Marine Corps.

Semper fi, Francis.

Civitas Poll Luncheon May 2008

Civitas has a luncheon every month or so to spin the results of their push polls. These meetings are primarily used to offer advice to Republican elected officials and GOP campaign workers on how to win elections. Given that Civitas claims a 501(c)3 tax free status, this ought to be illegal.

As a staff person of the North Carolina Democratic Party I attended the lunch yesterday. Ric Killian (R, District 105) was the guest. We tried to tape the presentation, but a Civitas staff person prevented us from doing so.

How can you tell when Francis Duh Luca is lying?

He is sending out emails on behalf of the Puppetmaster's local version of Americans for Prosperity.

Some lawmakers want the budget to include an increase in the existing statewide transfer tax and/or permission for local governments to adopt local transfer taxes. This ploy – to hide this unfair home tax among the complex and lengthy language of the state budget – is not right.

Waaaaaa. Mean old lawmakers. They actually want to put revenue plans in their oh-so-complicated budget. And as to the and/or in Duh Luca's statement, the Puppet is full of crap. I'm not aware of any legislator who is trying to push through a statewide tax. It's all local option, all the way, to my knowledge.

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