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McCrory takes Al's coal ash challenge!


The long game

To all the outsiders, insiders, upsiders and downsiders, here's some inspiration worth a couple of minutes of your time.


I couldn't agree more

Groundswell of Support for David Parker

The News & Observer reports a groundswell of support for keeping David Parker as Chair of the NCDP. The N&O report is timely for we can see from the Bluenc online poll that support for Parker’s three announced opponents (Baldwin, Eaton and Vaughan) is tepid at best.

Leading the charge for the retention of David Parker, Bill Franklin is a retired Colonel in the US Army and a longstanding member of the Alamance Democratic Executive Committee and the State Executive Committee (SEC).

In an email blast to the SEC, Franklin argued that concerted efforts to remove Parker amount to an orchestrated plot to sabotage Parker’s reforms at the NCDP that empowered the grassroots.

In his now classic missive, Franklin identified Elaine Marshall as the ringleader of the hostile takeover of the NCDP.

Sexy, sexy, sexy

I made a shocking discovery last night. If you use the word "sexy" during the course of an interview, TV editors are incapable of cutting the sentences in which the word is embedded. As you'll see in the video below, I kind of blew it by couching the word in the negative (as in "landfills are NOT sexy") but this tactic could be used to great effect during your own "earned media" opportunity. For maximum impact, say "sexy" at least three times, though you may have to work up to this advanced level.

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